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  1. Sellbot HQ Promotion Guide
  2. Cashbot HQ Promotion Guide
  3. Lawbot HQ Promotion Guide
  4. Do you have any kind of cog disguise?
  5. Bossbot HQ Promotion Guide
  6. Favorite Boss Battle?
  7. Favorite Suit to Work?
  8. VP Gag Level
  9. What Level are your Suits Currently?
  10. Cog/gag values
  11. Guide To Getting Sellbot Promotions
  12. Detailed Promotion Guide for All Disguises
  13. Guide To Getting Lawbot Promotions
  14. Guide To Getting Cashbot Promotions
  15. [PSA] Do not glitch the obstacle room in the mint
  16. Cog invasions?
  17. Little melody pickle toons first vp on ttr!
  18. Favorite Cog Headquarters?
  19. Cog Nation (Idea)
  20. Muscle's first VP.
  21. What do your toon's suits look like?
  22. Cog AI Improved?
  23. New cogs?
  24. question regarding bossbot suit
  25. Prime Strikes Pianissimo Plains!
  26. Coolest looking cog?
  27. DA Glitching & Double Storming
  28. SOS Calling - How do you tell what the SOS is in the elevator?
  29. Bossbot HQ EXISTS!!!!!
  30. Number of Cogs in a CEO
  31. Some BBHQ photo edits
  32. A CEO where no cogs are fed in the waiter round
  33. Princess Cuddles Finally Maxes the VP
  34. How do you carry your gags to a Back 9?
  35. What's your Dream 16?
  36. Fastest golfing ever?! New record??
  37. What's your Dream 16? (NEW POLL)
  38. DeDucktive Reasoning Unlocks the VP secrets!
  39. A bit of confusion.
  40. Jez, Little Violet Sparkleswirl, Cuteypie, and Tim Rawrious Max VP!
  41. CFO Maxing X 4!
  42. Perfect accuracy with stunning?
  43. Miss Molly maxes the CFO!
  44. Cheyenne and Black Parade Steal the VP's Key!
  45. SheriffReggie Maxed Chief Justice!
  46. Princess Hulagadget Crack Up the VP!
  47. What happened to Storm Sellbot?
  48. CJ Rewards..
  49. How did you max Lawbot?
  50. CEO's Bad Hitbox Discovery
  51. CJ stunning
  52. Lawbot VS Bossbot
  53. CJ
  54. Proximity to the VP Affecting Stunning?
  55. Efficiently Obtaining Merits
  56. CEO Tables
  57. the double battle office glitch
  58. How many unites do you have in total on your main Toon?
  59. [Open Discussion] Golfing Is NOT A Good Thing To Do
  60. TTR: Aiyman's Throw & Squirt Gags Solo VP!
  61. Favorite VP SOS?
  62. My personal guide to soloing a vp for first timers
  63. Some Cashbot Statistics
  64. What Would Happen?
  65. Solo Stunning on Mac!
  66. Black Screen
  67. Middle Six/Back Nine Soundless Strategies
  68. Cog Notes
  69. Guide to Lawbot HQ/CJ for new toons!
  70. Cog Facility Favorites
  71. Notice Glitch?
  72. Mega-Invasion Swoop?