View Full Version : Counted Tallies

  1. How much will you play?
  2. Did you golf often?
  3. Did you race often?
  4. Trolley or fish for jellybeans?
  5. Favorite Toon Species
  6. Do You Like How The Blue Magnet Looks Now?
  7. What's Your Favorite Playground?
  8. What boss will you max first?
  9. Did you ever train your doodle?
  10. Do you use a content pack?
  11. Trap or Drop?
  12. Do you play with sound on?
  13. Do you agree or oppose reset?
  14. When will Bossbot HQ come out
  15. So, what's Jack gonna get?
  16. Timezones for Clan purposes
  17. Order of Maxing Suits on TTR?
  18. What do you do with your uber when you're done with it?
  19. How many toons do you have?
  20. Do you miss accessories?
  21. Do you make boy toons, girl toons or both?
  22. TTR.... or TTRW?
  23. Do you miss your doodle?
  24. What's your current status of trying to get into ToonFest?
  25. What should I name my toon?
  26. What do we do about the cog currency conundrum?
  27. Would you prefer...
  28. Chairman?
  29. What gag track will you be making organic?
  30. Did you make a black cat?
  31. Deciding a toon name
  32. Toontown VS Wizard 101?
  33. Another toon name poll - 2nd main
  34. Favorite boss battle
  35. Worst trolley game
  36. What gag track did you max first?
  37. How Many Toons Do You Run When Playing TTR?
  38. "np" or "yw"?
  39. "ty" or "thx"?
  40. Needing a bunch of Cashbots and Bossbots
  41. Opinions on Greening?
  42. Looking For Someone To Help Me Train Toon-up and Lure.
  43. How Do You Pronounce "Zowie"?
  44. Make it so drop sos cards always hit?
  45. What level sound should you have before asking for sound factories?
  46. Toonupless or Dropless?
  47. Content packs
  48. If Toontown Online 2 was released (closing TTR), would you pay for it?
  49. Game music or Your own Music?
  50. What is your 2nd favorite Toon species (ex. Mouse=Main Toon -> cannot vote mouse)?
  51. Are you going to Omgcon?
  52. Do you like the new Bossbot HQ or would you rather have the old one?
  53. SOS Shopping: More or Less?
  54. Maxed Trap at 56 Laff!? Impressive or no? Have you done it before?
  55. name help
  56. please close this
  57. 18 Card Shopping?
  58. Favorite Gag Track??
  59. What special "Acting Lesson" (emotion) are you most looking forward to?
  60. Which unadded content do you look forward to the most?
  61. Which unadded content are you most looking forward to? (Select ALL you RLY want)
  62. Do you like the Straw Hat?
  63. What is your favorite species of Toontown flower?
  64. As for functionality, what is your favorite CFO Unite reward?
  65. Are you excited for Storm Sellbot Headquarters?
  66. What track is best to be Organic
  67. Front or back stun?
  68. Are you enjoying Storm Sellbot?
  69. Clumsy Ned?
  70. Which unreleased species would you most like to see in TTR?
  71. Did you enjoy Storm Sellbot?
  72. Would you rather have Doodles or Golf be released first?
  73. Are you excited for ToonFest 2015?
  74. Favorite ToonFest Activities?
  75. Halloween Names
  76. Which Toons Hit SOS do you prefer?
  77. Would you prefer racing or golfing (if both were fully functional)?
  78. whats your favorite sos toon type
  79. How many of your toons do you plan on completing a goal?
  80. Should the maximum laff remain at 137?
  81. Best gag to make organic?
  82. Which gag is the most useless?
  83. TTR sounds: on or off?
  84. Which boss is the hardest to solo?
  85. Are you enjoying the "changing toons" April fools joke?
  86. Would you pay for TTR?
  87. If you could buy a maxed track, would you?
  88. Is Soloing Selfish?
  89. Coach Zucchini OR Frizzy Doggenpop?
  90. Should The Vibrant Valley District Be Removed From TTR?!
  91. VP Poll: Madame Chuckle
  92. Racing?
  93. Should TTR add a gag rewrite?
  94. How many Unites have you collected (on an individual toon)?
  95. What Do You Hate About Vibrant Valley?
  96. Would you rather have bad luck in recovery tasks or fishing?
  97. How important is it for TTR to get doodles out?
  98. Trap or Drop?
  99. What's your favorite boss fight?
  100. Do you play TTR the same way your played TTO?
  101. Theoretical Toon Species Election - Cast Your VOTE!
  102. Which new Toonfest prize are you pumped about the most?
  103. Secret Toon Santa?
  104. Theoretical Toon Species Election V2 - Cast your VOTE!
  105. The Cog Destroyers/Day Breakers
  106. What Gag Do You Have Planted?
  107. Thoughts on Soundless toons?
  108. What is your favorite Doodle trick?
  109. Are you going to participate in the Laff-o-lympics?
  110. Of those participating in the Toon Laff-o-lympics, how far do you plan to achieve?
  111. Which new species did you/will you make?
  112. which toon species would u date
  113. After all you've experienced, which new species do you like the most?
  114. Bring Back The "I think this is too risky for you." phrase?
  115. What cog suit is the worst to level up?
  116. Are you going to be making a red-nosed deer?
  117. Do You Have an Uber?
  118. What do you play Toontown on?