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07-19-2016, 01:23 PM

So this afternoon, I decided to do a little challenge for myself by soloing the VP. But this solo had more challenges! Including:

No Flippy SOS Cards
No Unites
No Fires
No Mouse Keys for the Pie Round
Only Throw & Squirt Gags being used
Not having Organic Throw
Not using Cogs Miss

First Cog Round:

The first Cog Round was pretty long, as it took over 25 minutes!
I started out with a Level 12 Mr. Hollywood, and finished off with a Level 1 Cold Caller. My Gags didn't miss as much too. Basically the only SOS Cards I had to use were Lil Oldman, Nancy Gas, Stinky Ned, Daffy Don, and Professor Pete. Professor Pete did restock some other Gags that I didn't use either...

Here are some screenshots from the First Cog Round:

Skelecog Round:

Skelecog Round went alright, as it took about 14 minutes. I did use more Lure SOS Cards, and a few Barnacle Bessies! The only Level 7 Gags I used were my Wedding Cake and Geyser.

Here are some screenshots from the Skelecog Round:

The Pie Round:

The Pie Round seemed not to good, as I lost 42 Laff Points starting from 58 Laff Points to 16. It did take about 9 minutes and 50 seconds. I also didn't use Mouse Keys in the solo.

Rewards used:

Barnacle Bessie(2)
Daffy Don(7)
Sid Sonata(1)
Professor Pete(3)
Madame Chuckle(1)
Nancy Gas(2)
Stinky Ned(6)

So, that seems about it! I'll see you all later! :imagine:

08-16-2016, 07:41 PM
Sometimes I look at solo runs, and my immediate first thought is: There's no way I'd be able to solo properly. For one, I don't have Bossbot suit, so I can't simply get fires. :P

King Lollipop Junior
08-17-2016, 09:15 AM
Reading this I thought you just used throw and squirt to kill, Pete to restock, and FLIPPY to heal.
This was even better.
gj man