View Full Version : Kindness is the answer

Remus Lupin
11-19-2014, 10:52 PM
Well sometimes
So here's the story I was helping some lower toons out with a factory and everything was going well up until the 3 sets on the upper level, when one toon started being rude to everyone including myself, I didn't want to get into any arguments as I have learned they don't end up well. So I was just nice to him, asking him if he was having a bad day and that I understand that sometimes we all have days like that. Turns out he was having a bad day and we ended up all getting along. So what I'm trying to say it kindness is sometimes the answer. I say sometimes because this is not always the case, but in my experience it works a lot of the time.
As they say Kill em with kindness!

11-19-2014, 11:34 PM
I'm basicslly speechless xD this has never happenned to me.

11-19-2014, 11:48 PM
Whenever I try to be nice, the younger toons start to hate on me. That is why I let them go sad. :seesaw:

11-20-2014, 12:55 AM
ppl just want to be loved