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Hello Hogwarts students! This week is the week of your entrance exams. Don't worry, this test wont in any way affect your enrollment status here at Hogwarts, however, we do want to know what you already know so we can best tailor fit your educational career. All test documents have been enchanted, so if you've cheated, we'll know!!!!! (i.e. don't share answers with others) Each correctly answered question is worth 1 point.

You have until March 15th to PM me (http://www.toontownalley.com/forums/private.php?do=newpm&u=163) your completed exams. Do NOT post answers here in this thread or share answers with your fellow students, regardless of which house they're in.

* Please note * If you aren't involved in the contest as a whole you can still participate and get VP club points!

While completing your exam, remember to pick the answer that is MOST correct of all the answers. The questions are as follows:

1. Who is the Hogwarts school Care of Magical Creatures teacher before Hagrid?
A. Snape
B. Kettleburn
C. Madame Pompfrey
D. Argus Filch

2. Voldemort put parts of his soul in _____?
A. Wedding Cakes
B. Chocolate Frogs
C. The House Cup
D. Horcruxes

3. Organic Foghorns do ______ points of damage.
A. Fifty Five
B. Thirty Seven
C. Seventy
D. Twenty One

4. Clerk Clara is a five star trap SOS card. How much damage does she do per cog?
A. Two Hundred points of damage
B. One Hundred Thirty Seven points of damage
C. Ten points of damage
D. One Hundred and Eighty points of damage

5. What type of cat can Prof. McGonagall transfigure into?
A. Tabby
B. Bobtail
C. Persian
D. Alley Cat

6. Harry can speak to snakes using their native language. What is the snake’s language called?
A. Snakespeak
B. Hissing
C. Parseltounge
D. Reptilewriting

7. When SOS shopping, one normally shops for
A. Sofie Squirt
B. Julius Wheezer
C. Clerk Ray
D. The Elite 8 + Sid Sonata

8. When you’re on “max merits” for your sellbot suit, you need ____ merits.
A. 8900

9. Dobby is a __________?
A. House-Elf
B. Garden Gnome
C. House-Gnome
D. House – Goblin

10. Who was driving the car that saved Harry from being locked up in his room at the Dursley's house?
A. Fred
B. George
C. Ron
D. Dobby

11. When you are in a VP you have to use what object to defeat the VP with?
A. Goons
B. Evidence
C. Pies
D. Seltzer Bottles

12. What SOS toon does Eighty points of damage with a foghorn?
A. Barbara Seville
B. Moe Zart
C. Clerk Clara
D. Sid Sonata

13. In the 4th Harry Potter movie, who disguised himself as Madeye Moody?
A. Barty Crouch
B. Dumbledore
C. Barty Crouch Jr.
D. Draco Malfoy

14. How did Harry survive underwater in the Triwizard Tournament?
A. Gillyweed
B. He turned himself into a shark using the transfiguration spell.
C. Bubble head charm
D. Gills charm.

15. What three SOS cards do “Cogs Miss”?
A. Flim Flam, Clerk Ray, & Sticky Lou
B. Mr. Freeze, Julius Wheezer, & Flim Flam
C. Clerk Clara, Professor Guffaw, & Moe Zart
D. Sid Sonata, Barnacle Bessie & Franz Neckvein

16. What SOS cards are five stars?
A. Flippy, Barnacle Bessie, Clerk Clara, Franz Neckvein, Clerk Ray, & Melody Wavers
B. Professor Guffaw, Julius Wheezer, Flim Flam,Moe Zart, Lil Oldman, & Professor Pete
C. Flippy, Barnacle Bessie, Clerk Clara, Clerk Will, Clumsy Ned & Professor Pete
D. Flippy, Barnacle Bessie, Clerk Clara, Moe Zart, Lil Oldman, & Professor Pete

17. Who founded The VP Club?
A. Mariel
B. Riot
C. Dizzy Wildcrash
D. Nice Nakul

18. What is the most important ingredient in a Polyjuice Potion?
A. Salamander slime
B. Eye of Newt
C. A bit of the person you want to turn into
D. None of the above

19. What form did Hermione’s boggart take?
A. Professor Mcgonagall telling her she’d failed her exams.
B. A werewolf
C. Voldemort
D. A giant snake

20. How do you get your sellbot suit?
A. You do tasks for it.
B. You do factories, which give you one part each time.
C. You receive it as reward for completing Daisy Gardens.
D. You get it upon your first walk into SBHQ.

21. Which cog is capable of reaching the highest level in Toontown?
A. Cold Caller
B. The Mingler
C. Mover & Shaker
D. Mr. Hollywood

22. What are the ingredients in a Polyjuice potion?
A. Lacewing flies, Leeches, Slug slime, Mistletoe, Eye of Newt, Powered Unicorn Horn, & A Basilisk’s Fang
B. Lacewing flies, Leeches, Powdered Bicorn horn, Knotgrass, Fluxweed, Shredded Boomslang skin, and a bit of the person you want to turn into
C. Powdered Bicorn horn, Knotgrass, Slugs, Shredded Boomslang skin, A Bezoar, Unicorn Blood, & Aconite
D. A bit of the person you want to turn into, Eight Spiders, Dragon’s Blood, Mint, Fairy Wings, Griffin Claws, & Leeches.

23. How do you get past Hagrid’s furry three headed dog named Fluffy?
A. Give it a treat
B. Play fetch
C. Use Avada Kedavra
D. Play it soothing music

24. How do you get merits?
A. Factories, Cog Buildings and Street Cogs.
B. Mints, Factories and Offices
C. Fighting the VP, Factories and Offices
D. Street Cogs



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