View Full Version : Quidditch Waves Goodbye

04-16-2015, 11:58 PM
Hi everyone!

Due to lack of interest (Quidditch hasn't happened properly for several weeks now), we've decided to cancel Quidditch. The Harry Potter Points Contest is also soon coming to an end. Friday, May 1st, is the last day to earn points for the contest. A big thank you to everyone who attended Quidditch matches. We hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

On a more positive note, four new people have just joined Hogwarts! Thanks, Evanescent Eternity, Pitiful Purrfection, Peony, and Justina! There's still time to join. If you're interested, PM one of TVPC CLs about joining. We only let people in in groups of four so if you're interested, try to get a friend involved as well!

All Hogwarts students (including new ones) will need to earn 40 points before the end of the contest in order to receive the participation award or the winners award (should they be on the winning team). If you're below that 40 point mark, there's still time! We'd love to have you at our events! (all events count towards Hogwarts points)