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A Cash Uber can be a labor of love for some, a step too far into the unknown for others, and an exciting challenge to undertake for those that like to broaden their Toontown horizons. They can also be very rewarding to play, especially on a designated, all cash uber run.

This guide is designed to give assistance to those who are starting out on the Cash Uber journey for the first time as well as to promote discussion among those who have already taken this path. It is by no means a definitive guide and it will be updated with new information as and when it becomes necessary.

The main aspects of creating a Cash Uber are in two main areas: fishing and the Donalds Dreamland task selection. Both will be explained in as much detail as possible.

Part I : Fishing
Avoiding the extra laff that can be gained from the fishing tasks is one of the key priorities when growing a cash uber. There are a number of theories on how best to achieve this, as well as some simple steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of catching too many species.

The fishing tasks are to be found in 4 of the 6 playgrounds. They are as follows;

Toontown Central:

Medium Pouch: 25 Gags
Task: Go Fishing for 4 Clown Car Tires (Anywhere)


2 Laff Boost
Task: Go Fishing for Some Octopus Ink (Anywhere)


Carry 2 Toontasks
Task: Go Fishing for 4 Goldfish (Anywhere)


The first two tasks for the Medium Pouch and the 2 Laff Boost are usually offered early on in the game. If after completing these you have caught 5 or more different species then some thought should be given to restarting from the beginning as it will be very difficult not to catch 10 or more species after this type of start.

Typically you will have 2 or 3 fish species after the first two of the fishing tasks, and then on average 4 or 5 after Sharky Jones. If you complete Toontown Central with 4 or less species, then that is a good start.

The next fishing task is not until you are close to completing Minnie’s Melodyland.

Minnie’s Melodyland:

Final Gag Track Training Task
Task: Go Fishing for Some Blue Squid Ink (Anywhere)


This is reasonably straight forward to collect and is usually found within 2 or 3 casts unless you are very unlucky.

The Brrrgh:


The true make or break fishing tasks often occur when you reach the Brrrgh, and two tasks in particular can often be very painful.

Gag Training
Task: Go fishing for 3 Fuzzy Dice (Anywhere)


Despite this only being for 3 dice, this fishing task has been known to take some players many casts and many new species before it is completed. It can often be the one that determines whether you reach 71 or 72 laff when you finally complete your cash suit.

Large Gag Bag: 50 Gags
There is a choice of 2 shopkeepers you can visit to gain the Large Gag Bag, these are;

Toboggan Ted – Toboggan or Not Toboggan on Walrus Way
Task: Go Fishing for 3 ice cubes (The Brrrgh)



Johnny Cashmere - Sweater Lodge on Polar Place
Task: Go fishing for Two Knitting Needles (Brrrgh)


As can be seen, the Johnny Cashmere task only requires two items to be caught unlike the Toboggan Ted/Bumpy Noggin one which requires three. It would be advisable to always take Johnny Cashmere.

Remember you must fish in the Brrrgh for this task (as specified)

2 Laff Boost:
Task: Go fishing for a Rubber Ducky (Anywhere)


This is reasonably straight forward to catch and is usually done so in 1 or 2 casts.

Carry 4 Toontasks

Do Not Take Hysterical Harry!!

Hysterical Harry – Snow Big Deal! Crisis Management on Walrus Way
Task: Go fishing for 2 Sardine Whiskers


The Carry 4 Toontasks task can be completed without any fishing by taking the March Harry task instead.


I mention this here as a reminder, as many will take Hysterical Harry without realizing there is a no-fishing alternative task that can be taken.

By now, most Cash Ubers have the 10th (and maybe 11th) species of fish in their bucket, so cannot hand it in. They have less than 20 bucket spaces to catch all those remaining items.

Final Gag Track Training Task

Task: Go Fishing for a Talking Toad (Anywhere) x 2 (either side of the 20 buildings)


This is the other task that can really hurt. Catching the toads can either be very quick and easy, or you could start to think they simply do not exist in the pond you are fishing in.

Donald’s Dreamland:

Pelvis Part
Task: Go fishing for Some Cauliflower Coral (Donald’s Dreamland)

Sorry, I don't have a image of this one right now.

Task: Go fishing for Some Slimy Kelp (Donald's Dreamland)


Again both of these are relatively straight forward to catch and it usually only takes two to three casts for each maximum.

Same Pond Theory:

A common theory/method is to always (when the fishing can be done anywhere) fish in the same pond in the same district. Usually this will be in one of the Toontown Central Ponds. If you were to fish in ponds in other Playgrounds then there would be an increased chance of extra species being caught.

I used to believe that one of the TTC street ponds was best, but recently I have revised this assumption and would recommend the Playground pond.

Fishing Reminder Checklist:

The most important things to remember are the following
Always keep track of how many species you have caught
If/When you get to 9 species then return to the fisherman after every single cast so that you always have 19 more spaces in the bucket if you catch the 10th Species.
Check the task lists above and recognize that there are options available.
Never, ever take the Hysterical Harry task
Take the Johnny Cashmere task and not the Toboggan Ted task (to be completed in the Brrrgh ponds)
The Pelvis Cash Suit part fishing tasks have to be completed in a pond in Donald’s Dreamland.

Part II: Donalds Dreamland Tasks

When you reach Donalds Dreamland, the following tasks are mandatory and will always need to be completed.

Small Backpack: 60 Gags
Susan Siesta – For Richer or Snorer on Lullaby Lane
Task: Defeat 8 Level 4+ Story Cog Buildings (Donald’s Dreamland)

Carry 150 Jellybeans:
The Countess – Counting Sheep So You Don’t Have To! on Pajama Place
Task: Defeat 25 Number Crunchers (Donald’s Dreamland)

1 Laff Boost:
Powers Erge – Lights Out Electric Co. on Lullaby Lane
Task: Defeat 70 cogs (Donald’s Dreamland)

2 Laff Boost:
Lawful Linda – Wynken, Blynken & Nod, Attorneys at Law on Pajama Place
Task: Recover 3 Rods from Bean Counters (Anywhere)
Task: Recover a Drive Belt from Money Bags (Anywhere)
Task: Recover a Pair of Pincers from Penny Pinchers (Anywhere)

3 Laff Boost:
Rocco – Rock to Sleep Quarry on Lullaby Lane
Task: Defeat 50 bossbots (Donald’s Dreamland)

4 Laff Boost:
Zari – House of Zzzzzs on Pajama Place
Lots of running about
Task: Defeat 70 Cashbots (Anywhere)
More running about
Task: Defeat 25 Movers & Shakers (Anywhere)
Even more running about

Donald's Dreamland Teleport Access:
Drowsy Dave – Asleep at the Wheel Car Repair on Pajama Place
Task: Defeat Two 5+ Story Cashbot Buildings (Donald’s Dreamland)

Cashbot Cogsuit Parts – Stage 1

Upper Left Leg Part
Nat - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators on Pajama Place

Lower Left Leg Part
Teddy Blair - House of Hibernation on Lullaby Lane

Left Foot Part
William Teller - First Security Blanket Bank on Pajama Place

You will need to complete all of the tasks listed above before you are then offered any other cash suit part tasks. These are as follows.

Cashbot Cogsuit Parts – Stage 2

Cashbot Lower Right Leg Part
Honey Moon - Sleeping Beauty Parlor on Pajama Place

Cashbot Upper Right Leg Part
Nina Nitelight - Nightstand Furniture Company on Lullaby Lane

Cashbot Right Foot Part
Dreamy Daphne - Cloud Nine Design on Lullaby Lane

Cashbot Upper Torso Part
Sandy Sandman - Sandman's Sandwiches on Pajama Place

Cashbot Pelvis Part
Smudgy Mascara - Curl Up Beauty Parlor on Lullaby Lane

As before you will need to complete the above cash suit parts and the tasks for the medium backpack (70 gags) and to Carry 200 Jellybeans, before you are given any new tasks.

Cashbot Cogsuit Parts – Stage 3

At this stage you will need to take a laff task. This task should never be completed or handed in. Examples of tasks that can be taken are;
Defeat 20 Mr Hollywoods / Big Wigs
Defeat 5 x 5 story Sell Buildings
Complete a number of Cash HQ Dollar Mints
Some people take the Dollar Mints tasks as they know they rarely if ever do these. Others prefer tasks that rely on defeating cogs in other non-cash areas, such as Mr Hollywoods, Big Wigs etc.

A lot of HQ shopping is often required to get the task you desire and this includes those on the streets, not just in the HQs. Once you have chosen one of these tasks, then a cash suit part will become available to take.

The situation repeats itself when you have 10 cash suit parts and again another Laff task has to be taken, which will never be done. Then the last 2 suit part tasks can be taken.


The toon will now have the following attributes:
71 laff (plus any from fishing tasks)

A Medium 70 gag bag
Carry 200 Jellybeans

Part III: Other Activities


Cash Ubers can buy a gardening kit and plant both trees and flowers, but they have to be very careful when doing the latter.

If a cash uber only ever plants one type of 1 bean flower, then one type on 2 bean flower and so on, it is possible for them to attain a statue, as only 8 will ever be grown in total.

This does require the Uber to be very careful at all times, as any additional flowers could trigger a laff boost.

Racing & Golf

There is no benefit to the Cash Uber in either racing or golf and both should be avoided.

Credit: Snorkelwhip

I always thought this was the best Cash Uber Guide, the one I used for my first ubers. When I did a little digging I was able to find the old thread from an old unopened forum.
I did add back the missing graphics that were missing (aside from one I don't have at the moment. :( But other than that all credit goes to Snorkelwhip. Thanks G, your guide was always so helpful to everyone, I thought it needed some more viewing time.

Also, if any of the task details have changed for ttr and let me know so I can edit. I looked over it myself but didn't catch any task detail changes.

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