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  1. my late night posts are just wonderful

    [center]it's 2am as i right this, but honestly, i'm not tired at all. i had such a great day today. i took a walk and i went to starbucks and i talked to my old old friends that i miss so so much and i played toontown and actually ENJOYED IT (like, no feeling forced AT ALL) and i just love it. i love feeling like this and i hope this never goes away ughhh

    i made a new toon a few days ago with some of my really good friends (some old, some new!!) and I LOVE THEM AHH i'm freaking out ...
  2. it ain't midnight but here comes another blog post

    [CENTER]trying to go to bed earlier to make sure i don't get detention again due to being late

    yeah that happened

    boy have i been BUUUSSSSYYYYY (bussy! *insert picture of bus*)

    if you guys haven't checked it out already, i've opened my brand new clan the Late Night League with my disgusting noob of a friend Adelaine (who i hate passionately :)) (u can click [url=http://www.toontownalley.com/forums/clans-corner/3805-late-night-league.html]here[/url] to ...

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  3. another midnight post!

    [center]it's funny that I always seem to post things in general at insane times of the night but what can ya doo

    for the last few days i have been questing crazily with really funny people and i am just so happy as of late. on wizard101, we got ourselves to level 20 before ali [b]died[/b] mid-quest and we decided to end for today :'( i don't blame her though, nobody's been feeling up to par really
    nonetheless, we had a lot of fun throughout these past few days including: ...
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  4. yoyoyo

    hi! i'm just trying this out for fun