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Gigglepoof's Toontastic Blog

An Oppor-toon-istic Player

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I play Toontown at weird hours, and I've even gone more than a year without playing. As such, I have trouble making and keeping toon friends. When I do keep friends, I feel obligated to help them on [I]their[/I] tasks without really completing my own. Then they advance past me and leave me behind! So I've gone through a season of not really keeping toon friends and playing very opportunistically and all alone.

I have organic lure because I have to solo a lot of buildings to complete my tasks. It would be impossible without reliable lure. I teleport to many playgrounds a day and visit any district in the search of the best invasion to exploit. I avoid tasks that require me to defeat a specific factory/mint/office/whatever because I can't do it myself. At least now that I have a doodle and can test his reliability in the field, it will open up more solo prospects for me.

Everyone on YouTube uses lots of VP SOS cards in their solo battles. This would be pretty helpful, but as of this post, I have not defeated the VP one time in Toontown Rewritten. I have tried a few times, but someone with bad strategy ends up getting me greened every time. I'm [I]tired[/I] of that. There was this one cat the last time, I think 55-laff, who kept telling everyone to use sound. It was that beginning round with the Lvl 1 Cold Caller and the Lvl 12 Mr. Hollywood. You could get rid of everyone in two or more rounds with sound [I]OR[/I] the very [I]first[/I] round if you just target the Lvl 12. But some people cannot weigh the consequences of leaving a 12 unlured and relatively unscathed.

I'm also afraid to go fight the VP because people will see I'm a Lvl 1 Cold Caller and not invite me to join their boarding group. But worse... [I]The SOS Shoppers...[/I] I'm not going to get the memo that y'all are ditching the game, and I'm going to get greened for it! I don't know if your group would do that, but if you just leave someone, that's not nice at all. I just want to fight the VP... It'll be like christening my toon. Maybe someday I will be able to defeat a Cashbot mint too. It's hard finding anyone to help me there.

As I mentioned earlier, I went through a season of not keeping toon friends. That season is coming to a close now. I've been joining people during street battles to give them a toon-up when they need it. I've been joining in on random building crews and helping them out. None of this stuff completes my tasks, but maybe it will give me someone online to help me when I do need to complete a task. If it doesn't, it could at least restore my faith in people's good will.

Updated 06-21-2018 at 03:10 AM by Gigglepoof