Reminder for tonight

In the cog round of the CJ:
You will work together as a team.
Cog round will go as normal.
The cannon round will also be played normally.

In the last round of the CJ:
At this point you must stand where you can hit the toons' pan.
If the toons' pan is low, you may stop throwing at it only to prevent the battle from ending.
At all other times, toons must be throwing evidence at the pan as dictated by a clan leader that is there, or as is reasonable once the toon pan is not as low anymore.
It doesn't matter where you are in the CJ as long as you can get hit by the cogs' evidence.
You are not allowed to stun, throw evidence at each other, or stand in front of one another to get tooned up.
If for any reason you are hit by another toon's evidence, thus tooning you up, you must immediately run to a gavel and run into the handle to lose 2 laff.
If you were hit multiple times, you must run into the gavel's handle once per each piece of evidence that healed you.