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    Loopy Lane - Thread: Having Mac trouble? Try these fixes.

    1. #1
      Join Date
      Jun 2014

      Loopy Lane - Having Mac trouble? Try these fixes.

      It is known that Mac players are having trouble playing the game. Whether you crash randomly or you can't even log into the game, here are some solutions that have been helping others.

      1. Turn Off Your Toontown Sounds

      The reason why Mac players are crashing is because the Toontown sound effects and music are currently bugged. You should turn these off within your Schticker Book in order to play.

      2. Anti-Aliasing Fix

      With the Toontown Rewritten launcher open and selected, click the button that says "Game" at the top of your screen and enable anti-aliasing. Try to log into the game.

      If that doesn't work, please go on to fix #3.

      3. Replace Your TTRGame.vlt File

      Download this file. It's a copy of my TTRGame.vlt file. Sometimes the TTRGame files don't work when you download them from the launcher and you have to use someone else's.

      After it's installed, click on your desktop and hit Command+Shift+G on your keyboard. Type the following into the field and press enter: ~/Library/Application Support/Toontown Rewritten

      Drag and drop the new TTRGame.vlt file you've just downloaded into the Toontown Rewritten file that pops up. Replace the old TTRGame.vlt file.

      If that doesn't work, please go on to fix #4.

      4. Replace Your Settings.json File

      Download this file. It's a copy of a Settings.json file with all of the Toontown sounds shut off.

      Follow the instructions to fix #3, but download, drag, drop, and then replace the Settings.json file instead.

      5. Uninstall and Reinstall Everything

      Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support and delete the Toontown Rewritten folder and then try to log into the game. Keep in mind that this deletes your screenshots, so if you want to keep the screenshots folder, you'll have to save it elsewhere before deleting the Toontown Rewritten folder.

      If that doesn't work, you can also delete every Toontown Launcher on your system as well. After that, reinstall the launcher and try to launch the game.

      6. Replace Your Toontown Folder

      Replace your Toontown Rewritten folder with a copy of mine, which you can download here.

      To replace it, download the .zip file provided and then double click on it to extract it. It should turn into a folder named Toontown Rewritten. If it doesn't, just rename it.

      Then you'll want to navigate to ~/Library/Application Support and drag the new Toontown Rewritten file and replace the other one. Make sure you replace it, otherwise it won't work.

      Again, this deletes your screenshots. If you want to keep your screenshots, move the screenshots folder within your current Toontown Rewritten folder to another location before replacing the file.

      If all else fails...

      7. Play Toontown Rewritten via Crossover

      You can view my guide to Crossover here.

      Please feel free to post questions and I'll answer them to the best of my ability! Remember to make sure MacOS is updated to the most recent version.
      Last edited by Allison; 11-10-2016 at 08:08 PM. Reason: Updating a link

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