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    Nice Toons Community - Thread: NTC Guidelines and Expectations

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      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries

      Nice Toons Community - NTC Guidelines and Expectations

      Below will be listed the guidelines and expectations that we expect our members to follow and maintain at all times at our events.

      1. Be respectful, and have a positive attitude.

      We expect everyone to be on their best behavior and be respectful toward not only Clan Leaders, but other members.

      2. No negativity.
      Please keep all negative comments and attitude to yourself. If you find anyone being rude to you
      or another member, please contact a Clan Leader. Do not handle any situations yourself.

      3. Be considerate of your team mates and Clan Leaders at events.
      While at Friday Events, and Weekly Events, we expect everyone to follow the rules at events.
      On Friday nights, please stay with your team, and do not venture off to other teams.
      This confuses the Clan Leaders and can also delay the time that your team gets to start the event.
      Walking away or going AFK close to the time of the event may cause you to
      lose your chance to participate in the event and get left behind.
      At Weekly Events, please be respectful and help others out that need it.

      4. Able to be flexible with the Clan Leaders.
      We are always on the move at events. Please stay alert and make sure to listen to the Clan Leader(s). We ask that you
      help us help you at events by remaining flexible. With your understanding and cooperation as a member, things will run smoothly.

      5. No Glitching.
      No glitching of any type is allowed at events. Glitching causes lag, and can be unfair to other team mates.

      6. No Greening.
      We do not tolerate greening here at NTC. Regardless of any event rules, ANY type of toonup is allowed at all times to keep anyone from going green.
      We understand that not everyone may have unites, but please try your best in getting everyone through the event.
      If you find anyone purposely trying to green someone, please report it to a Clan Leader via PM.

      7. Ubers are welcomed!
      However, please be aware that our events can be tricky at times, so make sure you are comfortable with bringing an uber if you desire.

      8. Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated.
      Remember no one likes to be on the spot or pointed out. Treat others with respect and the way you'd want to be treated.

      We have rules for a reason, and its to make sure this community is the best it can be and that all our members enjoy coming to events.
      If you refuse to follow our guidelines, you will receive a warning from one of the Clan Leaders.
      If you continue to disregard our guidelines after the first warning, further actions will be taken in affect.
      This includes, but is not limited to, being suspended from events for a certain amount of time or being removed from the Clan.

      We are all a family here and expect our members to be on their best behavior. Remember, we are here to have fun, relax,
      and hang out with friends, not to cause problems, and stress not only to the members, but the Clan Leaders.

      NTC is a community of friends and acquaintances who enjoy a good time, while being nice.
      For our clan to thrive and grow; members are asked to be polite, respectful and to set a good example and be keen on participation.

      The goal of NTC is to provide the events the Nice Toons Community wants, as nicely as possible.
      As NTC develops it shows the trademark that separates itself from the rest.
      The community relies upon its members to help others and to provide feedback when necessary.
      NTC is focused on being the clan it's community wants.

      Clan Leaders of Nice Toons Community: Saphera, Tim, Bellissima

      We thank YOU for being the best members; and to appreciate the time and support you give to NTC.

      - Clan Leaders of NTC

      NTC Clan Leaders have the right to revise/adjust rules at any time.
      Anything edited or revised are in red.
      Last revised: 10/22/17
      Last edited by Tim; 10-22-2017 at 07:48 PM.

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      Jul 2014
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      Our Guidelines and Expectations have been reworded a bit, and few things were added. Revisions are in red. If you have any questions, feel free to PM a Clan Leader.

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