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    Nice Toons Community - Thread: Meet the Clan Leaders!

    1. #1
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      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries

      Nice Toons Community - Meet the Clan Leaders!

      Here you will find the list of toons you will most likely see us on during events to help identify ourselves.
      Below will also be a bio of each of us to help you guys get to know your NTC Clan Leaders better!

      Head Clan Leader
      Hey guys! My name is Ashley. You may call me Ashley, Ash, Sap or Saphera!
      I am the Head Clan Leader of NTC and have been with this clan for nearly 4 years.
      I go to College for Graphic Design and im loving it so far!
      I love spending my free time working my toons, traveling, going to new places,
      collecting things, and painting. I also love everything about cats and wolves.
      If you see me in game, feel free to say hello!

      You will most likely find me using the toons:
      Prismarine, Miss Soft Pawz, Saphera, Chompers, Ayala, or Howlin' Inde Wind

      Clan Leaders
      Hey there! My name is Leah and I'm currently a junior high school. I have an adorable dog named Snuggles, who lives up to
      her name quite well. I love drawing, making graphics, volleyball, going to the beach, and going to concerts during my free time.
      I'm this kind of person who loves going on spontaneous adventures, but can also be found laying in bed, eating food, and watching 3 seasons
      of a show on Netflix in one day. My all time favorite show is Grey's Anatomy which I've rewatched far too many times. My idol is Ariana
      Grande, which if you can't tell, is who inspired the names of many of the toons I own. I love meeting new people, so if you see me around, I promise I don't bite!

      You will most likely find me using the toons:
      Mille Tendresse


      You will most likely find me using the toons:


      You will most likely find me using the toons:
      Hopeless Opus, Little Violet Sparkleswirl, Kaneki & Ouma

      Hey there! My name is Tim. I am 20 years old and I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts and Science.
      I aspire to be a Special Education teacher, in hopes of spreading awareness about disabilities and how
      to assist disabled people. I love sushi, League of Legends, Wizard101, reading, making origami and laughing with my friends!
      I also love Netflix and am always up for new shows to watch. I currently love Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez and a Kpop band called BTS
      I love making new friends. If you ever want to say hi, find me at an event or pop into my PM's! I'm very outgoing.

      You will most likely find me using the toons:

      Feel free to message any of us to get to know us or to have any questions you might have answered!
      Last edited by Saphera; 03-07-2018 at 09:28 PM.

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