Toons! This is Professor Flake of the Precipitation Foundation, one of the labs of Loony Labs that I've set up in the Brrrgh. My research over the years has dealt with trying to harness the weather of Toontown, and get down to what exactly makes it so wacky, so to speak.

I've been running some calculations, and realized that the excessively cold temperatures mean that The Brrrgh's blizzard... Is spreading to all of Toontown! The last time I tracked this two years ago, it resulted in a blizzard so big that almost all of Toontown was frozen.

You see, back when Toontown was being built, "The Brrrgh" was one of the hottest regions in the Tooniverse. The Toon Troopers couldn't even nail in a door without taking a water break! So my colleague at Loony Labs, Doctor Surlee, invented a device known as the "Super-Duper Air Conditioner" which was meant to restore the area to normal temperature. Instead... It created a never-ending blizzard!

It'd be great to turn the Super-Duper Air Conditioner off every now and then, but no one can find the blasted thing under all of this snow! And now, with the temperature getting colder, the Air Conditioner has gone haywire once again and is going to turn all of Toontown into one big Brrrrrgh.

Mark my words, by the end of this Winter Holiday Toontown will be entirely covered with snow. I must return to my work at once to track down this Super-Duper Air Conditioner and stop it once and for all!

Ah, I also must give you Alec Tinn's next New Toon Species nominee.

Toon Candidate: CROCODILE
Jellybean Flavor:

Favorite Activities:
Suntanning, SNAP-Chatting

Favorite Places:
Estate Ponds, The Dentist

Crocodile promises to keep all of Toontown's fish ponds fully stocked for snacking -- err, fishing!

Hmm, the Crocodile would be an interesting addition to our town. I wonder if they know Santa-Jaws? Enjoy your holiday, Toons. Let it SNOW!