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    Dashing SOS Shoppers - Thread: Star Wars: The DSOSS Jedi

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      Oct 2014
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      Dashing SOS Shoppers - Star Wars: The DSOSS Jedi

      A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away. . . .

      Master Luke Skywalker has sent a call for help to every archived system! His hologram message describes the need for Force users to use their ship's hyperdrive to travel to Naboo; a lush, green planet near the Outer Rim.

      One of the Trade Federation's deactivated Multi-Troop Transports (MTTs) has somehow gained power. By order of the MTT, droids constructed a hidden base and have taken a Gungan citizen as revenge for their last encounter. The Gungans haven't bothered to save him because he is inherently annoying.

      Due to the droids' incompetence and old technology, Master Skywalker believes this will be a great mission to train Padawan learners, such as yourself. The Padawan who impresses Master Skywalker the most will fight alongside him and Rey as a Jedi against the First Order. His final words were "You are my only hope. May the Force be with you."

      All Force users began powering up their ships.

      May 5th (Revenge of the Fifth)
      Sellbot HQ ~ TBA
      4:00pm PST | 6:00pm CST | 7:00pm EST | 12:00am GMT

      Groups of 4-8 Padawan learners will be sent to fight the MTT (VP).
      There will be no intentional greening; however, you don't need to worry about the other Padawans.
      You are NOT allowed to create alliances. Master Skywalker wants to judge your skills!
      This battle will NOT be timed and there are no captains.
      Your goal is to earn as many Training Points as you can by the end of the battle.
      Please use paper to add up your Training Points.

      To start the event, we willshop for the 12 SOS Cards
      Once your group finds one of these SOS Cards, you must stay.

      Professor Pete, Melody Wavers, Flippy, Clerk Clara,
      Lil Oldman, Moe Zart, Franz Neckvein, Barnacle Bessie,
      Sid Sonata, Daffy Don, Nancy Gas, Julius Wheezer

      You can earn Training Points by doing the following:

      Droid (Cog) Round

      Lightsaber Block
      : Dodge a droid's attack (2 pts)

      Revitalize: Juggling Cubes (3 pts), Bamboo Cane (2 pts), Megaphone (1 pt)

      Lightsaber Throw (must damage the droid)
      : TNT (5 pts), Trapdoor (4 pts), Quicksand (3 pts)

      Force Pull (must be successful): Hypno Goggles (4 pts), $10 Bill (2 pts), Big Magnet (3 pts)

      Ionize (aka Droid Disable) : Elephant trunk (4 pts), Aoogah (3 pts), Bugle (2 pts)

      Force Throw: Whole Cream Pie (3 pts), Whole Fruit Pie (2 pts), Cream Pie Slice (1 pt)

      Force Push: Fire Hose (3 pts), Seltzer Bottle (2 pts), Squirt Gun (1 pt)

      Mind Trick (must damage the droid): Grand Piano (5 pts), Safe (4 pts), Big Weight (3 pts)

      Force Rage (loses points!): Any Level 7 Gag -NOT suggested- (LOSE 4 pts)

      NOT Allowed
      -Unites or Doodles
      -SOS or Fires
      -Any Gag not listed above (your gags will be checked)

      Disabling (Pie) Round

      Force Stun (when used, unable to use Force Throw): Stun the MTT with a pie (3 pts; ONLY ONE pie counts per stun)

      Force Throw (when used, unable to use Force Stun): Push the MTT backwards by throwing a pie (2 pts; ONLY ONE pie counts per push back)

      You may only Force Stun OR Force Throw ONCE every cycle. You can earn 3 or 2 points, NOT 5.

      Fall Back (loses points!): Taking MTT damage (LOSE 2 points; counts for EVERY single attack that causes you to lose laff)

      Spoiler HTML code

      If you die or disconnect, you will lose all Training Points. Posting will still earn you the Participation Award. You must survive to have a chance at impressing Master Skywalker!

      You may sign-up alone or with another Padawan.
      By signing up, you agree with and understand the rules of the event.
      Please post which Toon you will be bringing.
      Team(s) will be posted as a reply to this thread 30 minutes before the event starts.


      --> You MUST post your Run Report AND how many Training Points you earned!!! <--

      Please be honest when posting your Training Points. If the Force senses you're
      using the Dark Side (cheating), you will be severity punished by Master Skywalker.
      It's recommended that you use paper to write down Training Points as you earn them,
      don't go by memory; the Force will sense your overconfidence.

      The Padawan who earns the most Training Points will receive the
      Star Wars: The DSOSS Jedi award, 30 points, and the title of DSOSS Jedi!
      (Padawans who get 2nd Place to Jedi will also become Jedi.)

      All Padawans who need additional training will receive the
      Participation Award, 20 points, and a word of advice from Master Skywalker.

      Post a Screenshot for an additional 10 points (2 max).
      Post your favorite Star Wars character for an additional 10 points.
      Dress like a Star Wars character
      for an additional 10 points (Screenshot and character name required).

      Have a happy Star Wars Day and Revenge of the Fifth!!!

      Thanks to Padawan Learners Little Tom Jabbermonkey, Princess Bananaberry, and Mystical for the Awards!

      Last edited by Little Tom Jabbermonkey; 11-02-2017 at 03:49 AM.

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      Oct 2014
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      Due to a clashing event, the time for this event has been moved back one hour (to 7pm EST).
      Last edited by Little Tom Jabbermonkey; 05-02-2017 at 03:25 PM.

    3. #3
      Join Date
      Apr 2015
      Looks like an awesome event!! Love the Star Wars theme. Unfortunately can't make it but hope everyone has fun!

    4. #4
      Join Date
      Aug 2014
      Sign me up as a backup!

    5. #5
      Join Date
      Jun 2016
      This looks amazing! Sign me up pleeeeeaseeeee!

      I'll be on King Rory!

    6. #6
      Join Date
      Oct 2014
      I guess I'll sign up on Princess Bananaberry... since you asked so many times.

    7. #7
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      Oct 2014
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      Updated list to here!

    8. #8
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      Jul 2014
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      Wait I just realized it's 7pm. Sign me up as backup

    9. #9
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      Jun 2016
      Updated to here!

    10. #10
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      Oct 2014
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      See you there!

      Little Tom Jabbermonkey
      King Rory

      Princess Hulagadget

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