This was...bizarre to say the least.

So this DA office was going normally until we hit floor 3. At the start of the floor, we heard the cogs going off which was odd since we had just loaded into the floor. When the other two toons and I got to the cogs, we saw our other team mate in the cog battle. When all three of us entered the battle, the toon in the battle already used a small magnet, but she lured to the left instead of luring to the cogs. The lure missed, and then she started randomly losing laff before the cogs even started attacking. She kept losing laff, stacked with the laff she was losing by being hit by the cogs. After the round was over, all of us entered the battle and she was gone. I don't know what happened and I thought I'd share/report this? This isn't a rant btw, more posting an extremely odd glitch I encountered.