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    Recycling Bin - Thread: The Toontown v2.0.0 Update

    1. #1
      Join Date
      Nov 2014

      Recycling Bin - The Toontown v2.0.0 Update

      The time has finally come. Pack your bags, put on your fanciest accessory, and throw out those old PlayLine brochures. We're about to unleash our largest update yet, and enthusiasm from Toons around the world can hardly be curbed. Today, Toontown leaves Beta!

      This, my friends, is the final blog post. Oh, no, no, not the final blog post ever; they can't get rid of me that easily. This is the final blog post of the version 2.0.0 update, which is so massive that the Toon Council asked us to split it into four separate blog posts. This update is jam-packed with a Goofy Speedway overhaul, Toontown's new Toon Species, and the return of Toon Parties -- but these are just the biggest features in this update, and far from the only part of it!

      This final blog post is full of simple things in life. Think about how awesome it would be if Toon eyes would no longer be stuck closed, or if Toons could now hold all SOS cards. Lucky for you, this update is that awesome. Let's take a look at some of the other changes going in!

      Districts: New and Improved!

      In this new update, Districts are getting some changes! All Districts of Toontown have been renamed to a brand new format that is easier to spell, more fun to say, and much better fits the wacky things that happen here. This change is one of the small ways that the Toon Council is looking to improve Toontown as a whole. Who knows how to spell Renaissance River, anyway? (I did spell it right, didn't I?)

      You'll have to pop open your Shtickerbook to see the full list, but in the meantime, here is an updated list of safe districts for Mega-Invasions:

      • Blam Canyon
      • Fizzlefield
      • Gulp Gulch
      • Splat Summit
      • Zapwood

      TOON TIP: These districts are also "safe" from the Grand Prix's Grand Opening event, in case you wanted to race outside of the tournament.

      Speaking of which, those aren't the only special districts in town. The Toon Council is rolling out a feature we're excited to announce: SpeedChat-only Districts! These districts don't allow any Toon to use SpeedChat+, in case you wanted to play with other SpeedChat users without seeing mew, eek, and rarr (That's Crocodile!) everywhere, or just to have a bit more peaceful experience.

      Here is the list of SpeedChat-only Districts, which can also be identified by the green "SpeedChat" icon next to their name in the Shtickerbook:

      • Boingbury
      • Gulp Gulch
      • Whoosh Rapids

      "Reel-y" Great Estate Improvements!
      Do you want to escape the busyness of Playgrounds and do some good ol' fashioned fishing at home? Are you tired of traveling all the way back to the Playground to sell your fish? -- Travel no longer, because have I got a deal for you: Introducing the Estate Fishing Bucket!

      These specially engineered buckets, designed by Loony Labs, have a Portable Hole at the bottom to take your fish straight to the Pet Shop. You should see the little buggers flying out of that hole, with the Pet Clerks diving to catch them! Every Estate in Toontown has been given this bucket, which you can use at any time. No purchase necessary!

      You'll also find yourself getting stuck in closets no longer. The old closets were dripping glue during the hot weather of summer, but we've issued a recall and replaced all closets and accessory trunks with some shiny new ones that will let you leave the closet's clutches in peace. We moved your clothes over, too -- you're welcome!

      Brand New Start Screen!

      What would a new logo be without some new theme music to accompany it? The game's entrance screens have been updated with a new flow, which includes a splash screen to start the game. You'll also want to listen closely to the new theme music, which changes based on what screen you're on!

      In future updates, we'll be enhancing this screen with some fun animation and possibly a new look for the Pick-a-Toon, as well as different main menu options. We'll also be experimenting with booting Toons to the splash screen upon an unexpected disconnect, rather than all the way back to the launcher. Let us know what you think of the changes, and what other changes you'd like to see!

      But Wait, There's More!

      Here it is, Toontown. The moment you've all been waiting for. Listed below are the official release notes of Toontown v2.0.0, containing all of the goodies we've talked about so far and a whole bunch more!

      On behalf of the Toon Council, I'd like to thank all of our valiant Alpha and Beta Testers who helped us reach this point. This is a big step for Toontown, and we've been working on this update for many months looking forward to this day. Toontown will be going down for our biggest update yet at 9:00PM Toontown Time.

      THANK YOU, Toons of Toontown. We hope that you enjoy the new update!

      Spoiler HTML code

      New Update FAQ

      Will my Toons be reset for the end of Beta?
      Goodness, no! Toons had to be reset after alpha due to major changes in the inner-workings of the game, but at this point your Toons are here to stay. Everything will be exactly where you left it when logging back online.

      Why is this update occurring so late at night?
      Because of the scale of this update, we need all of our developer hands on deck. Since Toontown is an entirely volunteer effort, most of us are away at work during the day and must do our work in the wee hours of the night.

      Luckily, this also means that we'll be able to get the update deployed with less player load so that we can make sure everything is in tip-top condition before the rest of the playerbase comes online. We hope you didn't stay up too late for us!

      Woo! Beta is over! That means no more bugs, right?
      Hold your horses there, partner. This update has been in extensive testing for the past few months, including a test run with our players at ToonFest 2017, but results can be unpredictable when the update hits thousands of players, rather than a few dozen. We've done our best to ensure that the update is as bug-free as possible before it's deployed -- and if any bugs are discovered afterwards, we'll have them fixed up as quickly as can be!

      In the future, we're investigating the possibility of opening a test server for players to help us find bugs and squash them before they go out. Stay TOONed!

      What's next for Toontown Rewritten?
      We've made a lot of progress this summer, and it won't be ending after v2.0.0. This update is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication that our team has put in over the past few months, which has brought motivation to an all time high. We'll be continuing to keep our ears open to the community about what they'd like to see next, but I'll let you in on a secret: We're already working on our next big update!

      For more information about the new update and the end of Beta, contact support@toontownrewritten.com.

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      Jun 2014

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      Jan 2016
      They basically put SOS shopping out of business.

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      Oct 2014
      Blog Entries
      Quote Originally Posted by Old Paradox View Post
      They basically put SOS shopping out of business.
      I don't believe this is the case because many cards are unwanted and extremely weak. In addition, some toons want to max out their Elite 8 (+ Sid).

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      Nov 2014
      I just want to participate in community events again just like the Toontown Hall/early Toontown Ally days.

    6. #6
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      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      Quote Originally Posted by Little Tom Jabbermonkey View Post
      I don't believe this is the case because many cards are unwanted and extremely weak. In addition, some toons want to max out their Elite 8 (+ Sid).
      Agree! People are still going to shop because people still only want to focus on the best cards. There will be more inclined to stay for worse cards now, though, simply because they do get to actually keep them. I think it's a nice balance but

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