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    Recycling Bin - Thread: Dunk the Duck at the Duck Tank! | ToonFest 2017

    1. #1
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      Jun 2014
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      Recycling Bin - Dunk the Duck at the Duck Tank! | ToonFest 2017

      Posted by Riggy Marole on October 14, 2017 at 7:00 AM

      I'm more hyper than a jackrabbit full o' jellybeans, fellas -- which is saying something, because that's exactly what I am! HAH! Earlier this week, my pal Ted told you that there are new things coming -- and I know you've practically been fallin' off the edge of your seat ever since. Today I'm announcin' The Week-long Grand Finale of ToonFest, starting with a brand new activity!

      HA HA, you're gonna love this one. Here I am walkin' into Notations Office Supplies in Minnie's Melodyland to see my pal Cleff -- you know, that duck who loves the whole cream pies. And I say to 'im, "Cleff, in exchange for runnin' one of my amazin' activities, how's would you like to get all the pies you could ever eat?" His eyes perked up brighter than a ToonFest token, and the rest is history.
      Fellow ToonFest enthusiasts, I'm presentin' you the brand new Duck Tank activity! The Duck Tank ain't only the first cooperative activity to hit the ToonFest grounds, but -- wait for it -- it's the first activity to include a DUCK! I can't even contain my excitement.What a world we live in!

      Here's the rigmarole:

      1. You know the price of those ToonFest pies? We lowered 'em.
      2. You know those Cog dummies around the area? You hit 'em.
      3. You know that duck in the Duck Tank? You dunk 'em.
      4. You know what you're gonna get in return? MAJOR ToonFest Tokens... err... 'em!

      Now, in case you ain't understandin' what I'm gettin' at - let me put it in more convoluted terms. Grab your posse of friends, head to ToonFest, and corner those Cogs! Hit 'em to activate the Duck Tank! Hit the Duck Tank target enough, and you'll get a MAJOR reward based on how many times you hit the target! The faster you dunk Cleff, the more tokens you get!
      If that ain't enough (Ya greedy token lovers!) -- hitting the Cog dummies to activate a ToonFest event now provides a tad of tokens as well, heh. And those Bean Bags around the area? YOU BET I stuffed them even fuller than before for this Grand Finale! We've also got our world famous Loco Locomotion prize going on sale at the ToonFest Tower right NOW!

      Quit yer droolin', folks, because I'm not done yet! The Week-long ToonFest Grand Finale officially kicks off at 3:00 PM Toontown Time (PDT), resultin' in the famous Grand Finale Fireworks andDouble Tokens all week long!
      If that ain't enough for ya's, I don't know what is. You've got your tokens, your jellybeans your fireworks, a brand new item, and the best prize at all: Revenge on Cleff for makin' ya do so much throw training in Minnie's Melodyland! Riggy's got your back, pal.
      Now if you 'scuse me, I'm gonna be walkin' just far enough away and pretending that I can't hear Cleff asking to get out of the tank. Ciao!

      October 14, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.5]

      Added the Laff-o-lympics prize items! These prizes are being packaged and will be delivered within the next few days.
      The smooth frames feature now works properly for exploding Cogs and the dreidel furniture item.
      Fixed several visual issues relating to transparent ground objects.

      Fixed visual issues with Pig Toons accidentally introduced in a recent update.
      Fixed improper alignment of the Scuba Tank and Seltzer Bottle backpack.

      Added a shortcut on Pajama Place to reach Cashbot HQ more quickly. Go bust those Cogs!
      Fixed a visual issue a portion of the sidewalk on Seaweed Street.

      Cog HQ
      Fixed several visual and collision bugs in the Lawbot HQ boss battle.

      Introducing the Duck Tank, ToonFest's first teamwork activity! Activate the tank's target by hitting Cog dummies, and then throw as many pies as you can to dunk Cleff! A large amount of ToonFest tokens will be given to all team members based off of how quickly you can dunk him, and how many times the target was hit. You'll need friends to help!
      The Week-long Grand Finale of ToonFest starts today at 3:00PM Toontown Time (PDT)! Celebrate with Double Tokens and a Finale Fireworks display every three hours, all week long.
      The new Loco Locomotion Set is now on sale at the ToonFest tower! Grab this limited time interactive furniture item before it's gone!
      Cog dummies will now give out ToonFest tokens if you hit them enough to trigger the ToonFest tower or Duck Tank.
      Bean Bags now give out more jellybeans!
      Riggy is just a "hare" taller than he was before.
      The price of pies from the Pie Purchases stand has been lowered.
      Slightly raised the price of 1 hour Merry Multipliers to be consistent with other multipliers.
      Fixed a bug causing Merry Multipliers to display "already purchased" if a Toon logged off before the multiplier expired.
      Fixed a bug preventing ToonFest token bags from being picked up when a Toon's jellybean bank was full.
      Fixed a crash relating to Cog dummy sound effects.
      Fixed a crash caused by teleporting away while riding the ToonFest tower merry-go-round.
      Toons will now teleport away from the ToonFest area when the event ends - no update necessary!

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      Oct 2014
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      I really enjoyed this update, makes getting Tokens a lot quicker! I'm really loving the prize items, too!!!

    3. #3
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      Jun 2014
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      I love the Duck Tank. The amount of tokens you receive is insane!

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