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    The Green Scene - Thread: Saying Goodbye

    1. #1
      Join Date
      Jun 2014

      The Green Scene - Saying Goodbye

      Hi everyone,

      As you maybe have noticed, activity and events at TGS have been dwindling for quite some time now. Over the past few years, us leaders have kept having the same conversation: how can we revitalize TGS to what it used to be? How can we get 30+ people participating in Survivor and other events? And after much deliberation, we've come to the conclusion that we can't. People are moving on, both from the clans and the game. People don't have nearly as much time or motivation to put into the clan as they used to, and that includes the clan leaders, too. This clan deserves passionate, dedicated leaders, and we don't think we have it in us anymore. So the roundabout conclusion here is that after 5+ years, The Green Scene will be closing.

      As clan leaders, we've put this off for as long as possible, because none of us wanted to see the clan close. But it's better to close the clan now than to see it become something it's not. The Green Scene has been around since September 2012 - longer than most clans. I met most of my closest friends through the clan, and going to TGS events used to be the highlight of my week. I think what always separated TGS from other clans, especially on TTO, was the tight-knit community. There were no grudges held among members, everyone had a good time together, and everything was an inside joke. The same people would come to have fun week after week. I really feel as though this clan made a difference in people's lives, and for that I'm extremely grateful. It's more than one can ask for from a clan on a childrens' game that revolves around making other players lose for fun. I'm happy to be able to say that I got to see it through from the very beginning until the end.

      We'll still be around for an impromptu greening if you so ever desire. Remember to always stay green!

      Signing off one last time,

      The Green Scene Clan Leaders

    2. #2
      Join Date
      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      Thank you for everything, TGS. I am saddened to say that I did not get the chance to attend many events, but the ones I did attend were always super fun. The Green Scene has supplied so much fun and a sense of community to many members throughout the years. Despite this heartbreaking closure, I hope that we will still see you (being Nicole, Allyssa, and Jon) running around TTR... even if it is at full Laff points.

    3. #3
      Join Date
      Jul 2015
      I'm so sorry to see The Green Scene close! I have only attended maybe one or two events way back when it first started on Toontown Hall, but I can truly say that they were some of the most fun clan-led events I've been too. Thanks for all you've done Smiling Irish Eyes along with the other clan leaders! Hope to see you around in the Tooniverse

    4. #4
      Join Date
      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries
      oh my gosh this is so sad ill miss tgs so much thank u to all the clan leaders throughout the years

    5. #5
      Join Date
      Nov 2014
      I'm so sad to see you guys closing! TGS has been a staple on TTA and it's going to be strange to see you guys missing from our Clans list. You guys have been instrumental in the development of TTA, and I wish only the best for you three. I hope to still see you guys around at other TTA events!

    6. #6
      Join Date
      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      I am greatly saddened by this, but ik that TGS hasn't been what it once was for a while now. I always hoped we could get back there, that the clan would be just as compelling to a new group of players as it was back in 2012-2013 when that tight-knit community was there and vibrant. Such a shame. Nothing green can stay.

    7. #7
      Join Date
      Jul 2014
      gone but never forgotten! This is the clan that started me on a path I never saw coming and Iím so grateful to have met the beautiful people I know today because of it. Iím not sure a game will ever match how revolutionary this style of playing was to me, and itíll always be something I look back on fondly.

    8. #8
      Join Date
      Sep 2014
      So sad to see a clan that's always been such a mainstay in the Toontown community go. Even though I wasn't a super active member, I have only fond memories of clan events. ♥

    9. #9
      Join Date
      Aug 2014
      This is really sad, it almost seems like an end of an era. I remember when I first attended TGS back on TTH when Doodle Helpers had a joint event with you. Survivor was probably one of the greatest if not the greatest event, I've ever participated in on Toontown. I had never seen an event on any forum bring so many different people together before. Thank you to all the clan leaders who kept this clan going through the years. I made lots of different friends through this clan. This clan will definetly be missed

    10. #10
      Join Date
      Jun 2014
      Aw, I'm terribly late to this thread....

      TGS was one of those clans I was terrified of joining back when I was a wee noob back on TTH. However, when I did my first event with y'all, I couldn't help but think, "Oh my god when is the next time I can do it again?" I had such a pleasure being part of this clan and I will never forget the memories I made from going to these events. Here's to one of the most creative clans I've ever been part of. Thank you for all the memories.

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