Posted by Snowman on December 18, 2017 at 7:30 PM

On the fourth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Lots of caroling Snowtoons,

Brand new winter music,
Festive decorations,
And an update to make your holidays brand new!

Hello there, warm fellas! The name's Snowman, and I'm a Snowman. Well, Snowtoon if you'd like to get technical. Boy, let me tell ya, I've never seen a snow like this since the great snow where Rudolph went down in history!

Yessir, I've seen many snows, many holidays, many towns. You could say I'm quite the expert on holiday cheer, and now, I'm here to bring that cheer to Toontown. I'm not the only Snowtoon around - far from it! I'm joined by Snowball, Snowangel, Snowshoe, Snowcat, and Snowflake, all visiting Toontown to enjoy the lovely frozen-cold weather.

You don't need a magic silk hat to talk to this Snowtoon, only an empty ToonTask slot and a little Christmas cheer! If you come find me in Toontown Central, I'll give you a limited-time ToonTask that gives you a Winter Caroling hunt like never before.

Forget everything you know about Snowman Heads, Winter Caroling, and... Well that's about it really, you probably need to remember the other stuff. But forget those things, and come find me! I promise I don't frostbite.

I'll be around until the snow melts, but don't worry - I'll be back again some day! Happy Winter Holiday, Toontown!

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NOTE: Our Toon Troopers are working on getting this update released as soon as possible. You won't see these Snowtoons in game just yet! In the meantime, sit back by the fire and drink some cocoa while listening to this special sneak preview of the Toontown Central Winter Holiday Music!