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    Nicely Done - Thread: NTC is looking for a 4th Clan Leader!

    1. #1
      Join Date
      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries

      Nicely Done - NTC is looking for a 4th Clan Leader!

      Hey guys! Nice Toons Community is now accepting Clan Leader applications. We feel as if we need some help around our Clan.

      Nice Toons Community is a clan that strives to maintain a positive atmosphere and a safe,
      fun environment for its members to hang out and meet new people.

      The ideal qualities that we are looking for in someone to be apart of our team are (but not limited to):

      -Good Communication Skills
      -Having Patience's

      -Good Time Managing Skills
      -Professional Attitude
      -Quick problem solving skills

      We will be accepting applications from the time this thread is posted until February 18th.
      Keep in mind that if someone applies before the ending date that is suited for the position,
      we will see the need to close applications. So we suggest you get your application in ASAP if you are interested!

      If you are interested in applying for Clan Leader, you may PM your application to Saphera

      We are looking for someone who will put their best into NTC, if you
      are not planning to take this role seriously, then please do not apply.

      1. What qualities are you going to bring being a Clan Leader?
      Do you think you have what it takes to be a Clan Leader for NTC? What will make you stand out among the rest?

      2. Do you have a Discord? If yes, please provide your username.
      If not, please note you will need to create an one as all our discussion making is in our discord room.

      3. What is your schedule? When are you most available?

      4. What are your toons and their stats? (Gags, suits, etc)


      Below is a summary of NTC's expectations and event schedule, please respond to the question following the paragraph;

      The expectations of being an NTC Clan Leader are having good communication skills, being able to handle conflict professionally and appropriately,
      attending events, creating events and activities, participating in helping others come up with ideas, to ensure you have read these guidelines,
      put a semi colon at the end of your response to question five, completing points and other tasks in a timely manner,
      and helping each other grow to become better and over all making the working environment fun and enjoyable.

      Spoiler HTML code

      5. Are you able to commit to these expectations?
      (Please do not answer with just a "yes". The more elaborate you are in answering, the better.)


      6. How well do you get along with others? Are you able to handle heated moments with members?

      7. How long do you see yourself being a Clan Leader and helping the Clan flourish?

      8. Tell us about yourself. We would love to get to know who we are working with!

      Lastly, below will be some scenario's. We would like you to tell us how you would handle these situations.
      Please be honest when answering these questions.

      Spoiler HTML code

      Bellissima, Tim and I would like to wish everyone good luck in applying to become Clan Leader!

      We are looking forward to seeing who applies and thank you for your interest in wanting to help NTC even more.

    2. #2
      Join Date
      Feb 2016
      Good luck to those who apply!!

    3. #3
      Join Date
      Jul 2014
      Good luck to all applicants!

    4. #4
      Join Date
      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries
      Good luck to those who apply! I know NTC will have a great new CL!

    5. #5
      Join Date
      Jun 2014
      Good luck to those who decide to apply!

    6. #6
      Join Date
      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      Best of luck to all who apply.

    7. #7
      Join Date
      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      Best of luck to all applicants!

    8. #8
      Join Date
      Oct 2014
      Blog Entries
      Best wishes to those who apply!

    9. #9
      Join Date
      Sep 2014
      Excited for there to be a new NTC CL soon! Good luck to all those who apply!

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