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    Pajama Place - Thread: How did you come up with your toon's name?

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      Nov 2014
      Oh boy here we go!!! I'm not even listing them all bc some of them I created and never touched again!!!

      Spoiler HTML code

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      Sep 2014
      Spoiler HTML code

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      Aug 2014
      Blog Entries
      Pitiful Purrfection - I don't know, I just remember having this pop into my head when I was like 13 /shrug
      Howling Atta Moon - I wanted a cute name for a dog and liked this, I hate how it's an atta toon tho because I'm constantly being whispered "Act your age!" smh
      Sawri I.M. Mewt - Sorry, I'm mute!! bc she's my cute lil soundless toon
      Gotda Sniffles - I had to name a deer this when the red noses came out, LOL
      Fawnda U. - Fond of you, a lame deer pun
      Counting Stars - OneRepublic song
      Notta Turkey - Don't be a turkey!!!! My 2 track duck uber, I wanted a duck and I thought this would be a perfect fit bc she's ya know, not a turkey! She's a duck! A very, very, very brave duck!
      Ricochet - One of my fav words
      Delta - I wanted to rename one of my cat toons and another word I like
      Against D. Odds - One of my favorite phrases, against the odds

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      Aug 2016
      Blog Entries
      Epic Buddy - I was in something called Buddy Clan on TTO so I just transferred it over to TTR
      Vurvado - Idek, this is just a random name, gonna rename to Benny though
      Rawr - Named it this because I didnt think Id ever use it... but here I am, using it
      Mousse - This is my mouse with the colors of Mousse, the dessert
      Woof - This is my dog... randomly decided to call him Woof
      Saltine Crocker - This is my Croc, pun between Saltine Cracker and Salt Crocodile
      Christmas Quacker - Well I made this at Christmas time and apparently ducks quack so there ya go

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      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      Ness - named after the main protagonist from Earthbound, Ness (used to be named Black Parade, which is one of MCR's albums.)
      Lucas - named after the main protagonist from Mother 3 (Earthbound's sequel), Lucas. Also my name. (used to be named Action Cat, which is a song by Gerard Way.)
      Phantom of the Opurra - Pun on the musical, "Phantom of the Opera"
      Raspberry Crocolate - Raspberry Chocolate. This toons name was originally "Plain Crocodile", which is another enemy in Earthbound, but I decided to change because nobody got it.
      Starry Night - Van Gogh my main man
      In Bloom - Named after the Neck Deep song, In Bloom
      Icebreaker - my soundless, having to say "I'm soundless" in a facility to break the ice.

      Tigercat - TTO, was named when I was 7. I liked tigers and cats.

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      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      Air Catcher: name of a twenty one pilots song, thought it fit well with a duck
      Camisado: panic! at the disco song
      Green Gentleman: another panic! at the disco song
      Ham Cakes: this is what daniel used to call my pig toon on tto, so that's what i named her
      Isle Of Flightless Birds: another twenty one pilots song
      King Furra Day: pierce the veil song that i could also make into a pun for a dog
      Purrty Odd: panic! at the disco album, thought it was cute for a soundless toon and also a pun
      Impurrfect Impostor: quote from panic! song, also a pun!
      Trade Mewstakes: panic! song again and also a pun
      Sweet Deersaster: DREAMERS song i really like and thought it'd be cute as a deer name/pun

    7. #17
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      Jun 2014
      poisoned paradise - i made it up in like 7th grade and thought i was the coolest
      dark paradise - she looks the same as poisoned paradise but she's dark green instead of lime green so she's darker .. hehe .. and also a lana del rey song
      chanel - named after the iconic chanel oberlin from scream queens but also chanel
      hesperides - nymphs from greek mythology
      skinny goopy dandyfish - there was some dumb shuffle toon challenge that people did a few years ago and i actually worked her up
      kim - from the tta build a toon a few years ago; she's named after kim from the iconic game kim kardashian: hollywood
      xanthippe - from the most recent tta build a toon; she's named after a character from unbreakable kimmy schmidt
      cold shoulder - she's a polar bear that i made for some other bat; i thought the name was cute
      sammi terri - another toon i made for a build a toon; she's a black cat
      volta - a bjork album, but also the word is just cute on it's own
      celine - i thought it was cute it, it runs through the same vein as chanel
      salazar - my croc that's from harry potter. i thought the whole serpent/slytherin relationship was cute
      vex - a song but i thought the name was cute on it's own too
      burnt norton - a poem by t.s. eliot that was featured on a lana album; he's also a black cat so he looks burnt
      miss robichaux - from season 3 of ahs
      venus - named after the roman goddess of love, particularly the birth of venus
      liability - an uber i named after the iconic lorde song
      Last edited by Poisoned Paradise; 02-13-2018 at 12:22 AM.

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      Jan 2016
      i really dont think anyone is ready for this so buckle up and prepare for the edge

      dinosawr: i made this in 2006 during my rawr xd phase and decided it was a good idea to continue her legacy and i think i made the right choice except for when people recognize me as "frizzy's friend" then i want to die which is fitting
      gutterflower: a goo goo dolls album
      modpodge: i honestly dont know why i named a toon this. its literally after a craft glue of the same name. me and my middle school friends thought it was cool to make collages idk
      gramophone elegance: an asking alexandria song
      goodbye graceful: a falling in reverse song
      nerdy birdy: cute n rhymey and exists for no other reason than to be cute and rhymey
      depraved disaster: ow the edge
      maniacal miscreant: ow the edge, a two part sequel
      sutured solace: you guessed it. edgy. also i love alliteratons
      valiant virtues: a less edgy compromise to an edgy name. i wanted vacuous virtues but it was against the Rulez
      inventing tragedy & reversing tragedy: edgy again! me and jonathan had twins both named inventing tragedy on toontown test, i brought mine back to a random tt server and my friend made reversing tragedy to match my edginess. that server closed bc of drama and then i just brought them both back to ttr
      scandalous: my soundless, her name is a fitting theme for the next pair, which are....
      lights out & out cold: my friend made lights out and i made a twin out of him named out cold just bc i wanted to make yet another set of twins with her. we never really worked them & her and i stopped being friends and i initially remade lights out because i was being petty and wanted to work on the toons without her. and then she died and now they're sorta low key memorial toons but also not at the same time bc i dont want to think about it & its super extra for me to make a memorial toon to memorialize a girl who hated my guts until the day she died. they're drop ubers

      told u that u werent ready.
      Last edited by Dinosawr; 02-13-2018 at 12:49 AM.

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      Dec 2017
      Dallas - My actual name
      Isolated - it was originally Archangel, changed to Isolated (because I played alone when Dallas was deleted by a ex-friend.)
      Connor - given to me by a friend but soon to be changed to Vespertine - relating to, occurring, or active in the evening.

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      Jan 2015
      Blog Entries
      I thought the play on words was real silly so I just went with Anonymouse.

      99.9% of my toon name ideas are just bad dad jokes.

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