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    Results 21 to 30 of 39

    Pajama Place - Thread: How did you come up with your toon's name?

    1. #21
      Join Date
      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      Murky McWoof - I just wanted a fun dog name through Pick-A-Name, and that was the best I came up with.

      I. M. Awl Ears - My TTO main I made in late 2009. I love the phrase 'I'm all ears' and the Awl bit is basically how I pronounce 'all', but it seems everyone and their mum has a toon with that in their name now. or the I. M. bit as well as a matter of fact

      Cheeky Little Rascal - I like to think that's me... well... maybe not the little bit LOL

      Scooter Snifflegoober - I thought it was a cute name. She was originally Marlene Ondi Wall named after the Suzanne Vega song, but nobody really got the reference

      Mule En Rouge - She's a red horse and is named after the film Moulin Rouge

      Muddy Madeleine - I thought it would be nice to have a name based on the colours of this toon. She has brown legs and tan arms, and I gave her the name Madeleine for alliterations sake

      Lady Daffodil Twinkletoes - Formerly Eloquent Ellie but I grew quite fond of Pick-A-Toon names, and thought that was a nice name for a pink/peach bear

      Scatterbrained - It's what I am!!

      Captain Clueless - A long-running nickname of mine. Also because I like saying 'clueless' when other Toons say what gag track they're missing.

    2. #22
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      Aug 2014
      Komorebi - It means sunlight filtering through the trees. I wanted to make a TTO toon with this name, but TTO wasn't very friendly about foreign words for names.
      Only One - Yellowcard song.
      Aluna - named after the electronic duo AlunaGeorge.
      Half-Moon - song by Dean, D (Half-Moon).
      Morty - Rick
      and Morty haha.
      Flightless - named after the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine.
      Such Great Heights - The Postal Service song.
      Clarity - song by Zedd.

      Yeah, I like music.

    3. #23
      Join Date
      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries
      Candy Sparklemuffin - I originally wanted to name her Kokoro, but I was too lazy to update my computer and it wouldn't let me type a name so.... I went back to my original toon from TTO.
      Sonia Nevermind - One of my favorite Danganronpa characters
      Scorn of the Moon - League of Legends reference
      Pumpkaboo - Pokemon reference and she's a fat black cat.. I thought it was cute.
      Printemps - My favorite subunit from Love Live
      Anemone Heart - One of my favorite Love Live songs
      Bambidextrous - cute deer pun
      Crocoite - a type of stone that's a amber color, like her. I'm thinking about changing her name, though.
      Mellow - future soundless. I thought the name would be cute with the mint green.
      Mio - favorite K-ON character
      Flora - I thought it was a cute pick a toon name
      Ristretto - I think it's cute idk

    4. #24
      Join Date
      Jun 2016
      Kitty Kat - I stole it from someone like 4 years ago and kept it ever since.

    5. #25
      Join Date
      Feb 2018
      I'm so dumb. I was like, how do you guys have so many toons!? And then I realized, there's such a thing as making multiple accounts.

    6. #26
      Join Date
      Dec 2016
      90% of my toon's names are songs or based off of songs.
      Mustang Kid - Zella Day song
      Kaleidoscope Love -Alunageorge song
      Heartbreak Horizon - ^
      White Noise - ^
      Desperado - Azealia Banks song
      Jimi - Willow Smith song

      and then some punny ones like
      Dess Bear (despair)
      Ruby Rue (scooby doo)
      D. Hydranted (dehydrated)

    7. #27
      Join Date
      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries
      I have a lot of toons so I'll go over the ones I've actually worked or plan on working on. The majority of my toon names are anime/favorite character related or music related.

      Little Violet Sparkleswirl - the name of my first toon ever.
      Kaneki - fav Tokyo Ghoul character
      Hopeless Opus - one of my favorite Imagine Dragons songs
      Peridot - fav Steven Universe character
      Ouma - one of my fav Danganronpa characters
      Kirumi - another one of my fav Danganronpa characters
      Asahina - you guessed it ^
      Miu - ^^^
      i love danganronpa lel
      Taliyah - League of Legends
      Love Without Tragedy - Rihanna song
      Brightfeather - oh yea u guessed it, a warrior cat!! she was 107 laff back on tto so I remade her bc I missed her. originally she was just Feather but it didn't feel the same

    8. #28
      Join Date
      Oct 2014
      Blog Entries
      Little Tom Jabbermonkey- I'm pretty sure in 2004 there was no way to type a name. I was 5, was the smallest in my class, and liked that so I went with Little. I watched Tom and Jerry and liked the name Tom, plus wanted to be opposite than the show. Was a huge fan of monkeys and there weren't monkeys in the game at that point. Jabber just sounded fun. (TTO)
      Big Jerry Pronouncemouse- Complete opposite toon in color, shape, species, and name from Little Tom Jabbermonkey. Little to Big, Tom to Jerry, Jabber (means to talk rapidly and excitedly but with little sense) to Pronounce, monkey to mouse. He's a lime green, tall, skinny monkey with a large head. (created in TTR)
      Small Tim Gabblegorilla- Complimentary toon to Little Tom Jabbermonkey. Little = Small, Tim similar to Tom, Gabble = Jabber, gorilla is in the ape/monkey family. (TTR)
      Super Carrot Megatooth- For my female rabbit who looks like a carrot. Sea green head and completely orange body and attire. (TTO)
      Mr. Mudpie- Pigs like Mud, I'm a fan of "Mr." names and alliteration. (TTO)
      Mr. Midnight- Since every black cat was named Midnight in TTO it seemed, I wanted to differentiate in a sarcastic way by adding Mr to the front. I have only seen one other Mr. Midnight before. (TTO)
      Hoof U. Herd- A play on the phrase "Have you heard?" A horse. Horse hooves, U. looks like a horseshoe, and because horses are usually in a Herd. (TTR)
      Agent Jay- From Men In Black. Kady has Agent Kay. (TTR)
      Cucumbear- Pun. Cucumber shaped and sea green colored bear. (TTR)
      Che Zen Quackers- Cheese N. Quackers or variants are popular in Toontown, so I made my own unique variant that I haven't seen before. (TTR)
      Po- from Kung Fu Panda. A polar bear. (TTR)
      Alley- My cat that passed away. (TTR)
      Seahawk- I love the Seattle Seahawks. Was originally Seattle Seahawk, somehow it got through the naming system LOL. (TTR)
      Toonfest Blue Rabbit- Looks like Riggy. (TTR)
      Fierce Grape Gatorade- I love Fierce Grape Gatorade. Crocodile/Alligator pun. (TTR)
      Buck E.- Buc-ee's is a famous convenience store chain that I love to stop at. Deer pun. (TTR)
      Last edited by Little Tom Jabbermonkey; 02-16-2018 at 10:25 PM. Reason: Removed spacing

    9. #29
      Join Date
      Mar 2015
      The Lone Tooner - A tall, colorless, MOOSE (not a horse; but, that is a conversation for another thread). In honor of the Lone Ranger. Designed to help other toons in need.

      Hoof Hearted - Small, rotund, red moose. Umm.... Just say the name out loud, fast, three times... You will figure it out.

      Chawbacon Crispy Critter - A short, multi-colored Duck! (AKA - WAR DUCK! - well... used to be, I need to build him back up). Just a name that I pulled from the questionable recesses of my labyrinthine mind. Oh... Chawbacon does mean Backwoods Hick... loosely translated that is.

    10. #30
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      Jun 2014
      Blog Entries
      Halcyon is the name of one of my favorite albums by Ellie Goulding.

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