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    Pajama Place - Thread: How did you come up with your toon's name?

    1. #31
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      Mar 2016
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      At first I wanted my old TTO name (Midnight Moonlight), but I wanted something sort of poetic? I'm pretty shy in large groups, especially if everyone else is quiet, and strangers. So, I created Voiceless.

    2. #32
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      Jun 2014
      Princess Spiffy Nuttyswirl - a recreation of my first ever Toon from TTO when I was like 8. i have no clue what was going thru my head, but i remember not knowing that you didn't have to use all 3 parts of the name and being upset about it later. LOL
      Anita Leigh-Anne Egg - a fat little duck whose name is a pun, "I need to lay an egg"
      Damage Purr Second - a kitty uber, appropriately named after the 'damage per second' role in other MMOs w/ low health and high damage
      Crikey - my crocodile; a nod to Steve Irwin and it's just cute lol
      Alien - i wanted a sort of weird looking toon and a name to fit, haha. she's a monkey with the big alien-like eyes and the heart antenna
      Mrs. Sparklepretzel - i make my bf play w/ me sometimes and he named his toon Sparklepretzel so he needed a wife, naturally :3c

      old names from TTO that i'm not using anymore:
      Frisky Feline - this was the first type-a-name i came up with as a kid LOL i just liked how it sounded
      One Hundred Purrcent Pawsome - an awful pun that i thought was GENIUS at age 12
      Barkin' Bailey - my first name, alliterated, a dog toon
      Ouija - a spooky name for a black kitty, i liked that it was short, recognizable, and different. i still rly like this and wanted to recreate her but ttr absolutely refuses to let me have that name sigh

    3. #33
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      Jul 2014
      for my main, I didn't my parents did... when i was born

      but the other ones are just funny...
      Mrs. Claws- obviously a christmas reference so it fit the polar bear
      Primadonna- i wanted to make one that is a reference to marina and the diamonds, yet made the toon not look the part
      Deer Theodoesia- Hamilton reference with a Deer
      Johann Sebastian Croc- Bach
      Last edited by Tanner; 02-26-2018 at 11:22 AM.

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      May 2017
      Lana Del Neigh: A tribute to one of my favorite singers, Lana Del Rey

      Fleetwood Quack: Another tribute, this time to my favorite band

      Croc Pot: Crocodile...hadn't seen anyone else with the name lol

    5. #35
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      Jun 2014
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      Dreamless Nights- She became a Black Cat late 2017 and wanted something emo.

      Squeak E. Toy- I was constantly bullied; and plus my dumb ex thought it’d be cute. but I’m changing it eventually

      Reindeer Snacks- Its cute???

      Meowful Purricanes- It was random and out of the blue. She’s named after the hurricane that came to my home about 2 years ago? Lool. She’s soundless <3

      Quacken Hearts- Typically a pun. “Achen Hearts” or “Waken Hearts”.

      Cream Crocodile- Was supposed to be “Don’t Swamp It” - which is “Don’t Sweat It.” but rejected (:

      Leave Meowt Of It- My best friend Ray has a toon named “Help Meowt” so yeah. She’s Get Meowt Of Here
      Last edited by Squeak E. Toy; 05-03-2018 at 12:26 AM.

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      Jun 2014
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      Quote Originally Posted by Madvillain View Post
      Ham Juice: TTR team please approve the name ham juice

      World of TTR, get ready for my Drop and Trap ONLY toon!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. #37
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      Jul 2014
      I have several toons but these are the ones that I play most often. Lizzie and Egocentric are both toons that I had on TTO and remade on TTR.

      Lael: my middle name
      Lizzie: nickname
      Egocentric: she is going to be TU-less, so I thought that the name was fitting

    8. #38
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      Jan 2017
      I've got tons (and have yet to remake my TTO toons), so here are the names of the toons I am on the most.

      Karma: Call me an idealist, but I wholeheartedly believe that the ends justify the means. No matter how long it takes--weeks, months, years, lifetimes--it will happen.

      Mantra: Having a mantra keeps me calm when I am under pressure or feeling nervous. It gives a sense of security. A mantra is often repeated, and the repetition reminded me of the ongoing cycle of 5 story buildings in invasion districts to max gag tracks (hence why Mantra is an uber).

      Silver Lining: Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining (spot the optimist!). As cheesy as it may sound, the "bad things happen for better things to come" sentiment has always held true for me.

      Fairytale Ending: The end of last summer captured in two words. It was the end of a chapter in my life, tied neatly with a bow.

      Bliss: All I want at the end of the day. Made her recently when I came to this realization.

      I love naming, and I'm just about ready to make some more toons just so that I can name them

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      Mar 2016
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      Voiceless - because I feel like many people do not listen to me when I speak, my voice is never heard, so I am voiceless to the worlds.

      Clementine - the movie Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind inspired this girl, and she will be changing her toon color just like the actress Clementine changes her hair color often in the movie.

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