Posted by The Fissiontons on February 26, 2018 at 2:30 PM

Hello again, Toontown! I'm sure you don't recognize us without three question marks in lieu of a name. Allow me to introduce ourselves: The name's Doctor Fissionton -- joined by my associate, Doctor Fissionton. Perhaps you saw us in the news last month.

They do realize that we're two Toons, don't they?
That's only a matter of how you look at it. I'd say we're the same Toon.
Now you're just going to confuse them!

As a Toon scientist, I discovered the existence of Silly Particles with the assistance of the C.A.K.E. Team. That was in another era, of course. Since then, we've been studying silliness for longer than our own existence, and the discoveries we've made are spectacular!

They come, however, at a cost.
Don't be so morbid! You'll scare them.
I think the real person I'm trying to scare is myself.
The plan is already in motion. We must do this.

We've been putting together a "Final Plan" - a plan that we believe will bring Toontown to silliness levels that have never been seen before. A plan that will lead Toontown to a future that even we can't predict! To get there, we're going to need your help -- and, of course, the help of a certain Doctor Surlee.

I wonder if this will really bring him out of hiding.
He's been waiting for the perfect chance to meet us. I say we give it to him.
I can't imagine he'd pass up on the opportunity.
After all, you know he doesn't trust mailboxes.

We know that we need to earn your trust. As parents always say, "Don't trust two identical scientists detached from time itself!" Luckily, our research has just the thing to get this push of silliness started.

As we continued to inspect the molecular structure of the Tooniverse, we discovered teensy little bugs, causing a significant drain on silliness! Even at their tiny size, they've been the source of countless minor annoyances, sapping Toontown’s overall silliness levels.

Shall we name a few of the ones we've squashed?
Hmm, what would make them most excited?
Perhaps the window will no longer crash when minimizing it.
That's good, but what about eliminating flickering on doors and shadows?
Aha! But you're missing the real kicker to rise silliness like never before.
A bug squash almost over two years in the making.
A fix for those Apple Toons to finally hear the sounds of Toontown again.

The increase in Silly Levels around town will lead to something big. And, perhaps, finally lead Doctor Surlee out of hiding once again. Last month's ripple lasted days, and if our predictions are correct... Well, you'll know it when you see it.

Remember what we told you to tell Doctor Surlee. By our calculations, we'll be seeing you again in a few days.

February 26, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.3]
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NOTE: This update has not yet been deployed to the game. Check back soon!