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    Nicely Done - Thread: NTC's 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

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      Jul 2014
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      Nicely Done - NTC's 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

      The Easter Bunny has stopped by Toontown this year to deliver us eggs and chocolate bunnies!
      However the bunny has scattered them all around TTR and we need your help in finding the items!

      The Easter Bunny will be hiding 6 Eggs and 2 Chocolate Bunnies around Toontown.
      There will be 1
      Orange Egg, 1 Blue Egg, 1 Purple Egg, 1 Green Egg, 1 Red Egg,
      1 two colored Egg (Blue and Cream), 1 Chocolate Bunny and 1 White Chocolate Bunny.

      This Hunt will take place Saturday, March 31st 2018.
      The starting time will be 8 PM EST | 7 PM CST | 6 PM MNT | 5 PM PST
      The hunt will run from 8 PM EST and will end at 9 PM EST.

      We will be meeting up at Chip n Dales Acorn Acres in Kaboom Cliffs.
      However the district the toons will be hiding in will be announced at 8 PM in game and on this thread.

      The hunt will run for an hour, so if you can not make it at 8 PM, not to worry!
      The toons will be parked until 9 PM EST so join when you can!

      1. You may not teleport to any of the toons during this event.
      Anyone caught TPing to any of the eggs will be
      disqualified and will not be able to receive any awards.
      The Clan Leaders are the only ones allowed to TP to the eggs,
      incase there are any issues that need to be addressed.

      2. You may teleport anywhere in the game to find the eggs.

      3. You may do this hunt with friends,
      but everyone needs to send their own individual screenshots via PM to me.
      One person sending a screenshot and wanting it to count for several people will not be allowed.
      You need to PM me your own screenshots in order to receive points.

      4. Do not send me various PMs with different amount of screenshots.
      Please only send me ONE PM with ALL of the screenshots.
      It is easier to keep track of who participated this way.

      5. Do not post clues or hints to where any of the toons are located.
      We want this to be a fair hunt for everyone.

      6. DO NOT go looking for the eggs before the hunt.
      This hunt starts at 8 PM EST. Do not start looking for the toons before this time.
      Anyone caught hunting the toons before 8 PM EST will be disqualified.

      The eggs will be on the look out too, so dont think if a Clan Leader isnt around,
      that you wont be caught if you break the rules!

      This hunt will begin at exactly 8 PM EST once a Clan Leader has announced it on game in Chip n Dales Acres.
      You will have until 9 PM EST to hunt for the Eggs and Bunnies.
      Other people are running the toons, so they can not be up all night. Make sure to say hi to them!!

      You will need to take screenshots of each individual toon you find. You should have 8 in total if you find them all.
      You will have until April 1st, at 11:59 PM PST to PM your screenshots.
      People who participated in the hunt along with the answers to the riddles will be posted the day of April 2nd.

      This is not a sign up event!
      Your PM will be your way of telling me you participated!!

      (This is important why everyone needs to send me individual screenshots )

      You can earn up to 65 Points for this Event.

      If you find the Orange egg, you will receive 3 points.
      If you find the Blue egg, you will receive 3 points.
      If you find the Purple egg, you will receive 3 points.
      If you find the Green egg, you will receive 3 points.
      If you find the Red egg, you will receive 3 points.
      If you find the Cream and Blue Egg you will receive 5 Points
      If you find the Chocolate Bunny, you will receive 15 points.
      If you find the White Chocolate Bunny, you will receive 15 points.

      Everyone that participates will receive 15 Points along with NTC's Easter Award.

      Each Egg and Bunny will have a riddle that will help you locate where its hiding among TTR.
      They can be anywhere in TTR, so make sure to read the riddles carefully!

      Orange Egg/Riddle 1

      Everyone comes down this lane
      The cogs in the way might be a pain
      A mission you seek?
      Come to me and what you find will be unique

      Blue Egg/Riddle 2

      Hey sir, got any change?
      Don't be frighten by the range
      It takes to get to me
      Grab a unite or flee

      Purple Egg/Riddle 3

      My pillows are the softest around
      I promise I wont let you down
      Down in this dreamy land is my place
      Don't forget your pajamas just incase

      Green Egg/Riddle 4

      3, 2, 1, GO!
      Some pies you may throw
      Some bananas you may leave
      Trophies and tickets you will receive

      Red Egg/Riddle 5

      Down on this avenue is a man
      That has a plan
      Do you need your teeth clenaed?
      Beware of cogs, dont go green!

      Cream and Blue Egg/Riddle 6

      The law is enforced here
      Make sure to open your ears
      For the sound that everyone needs to hear
      Can you make him disappear?

      Chocolate Bunny/Riddle 7

      I run, I jump and I play
      Please dont scare me away
      I am in the tooniest store
      Adopt me and you will score

      White Chocolate Bunny/Riddle 8

      What a rainy day
      Here toons, come out and play
      This boss can be such a bore
      but its fun to say FORE!

      Remember this is for fun and want everyone to have a fair chance at finding them.
      Good luck to everyone and have fun!!

      Last edited by Saphera; 03-31-2018 at 07:52 PM.

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