I came across the "How did you come up with your toon's name?" thread and loved the idea...and I'm curious about your doodle's name! I put a lot of thought into my Doodle's names (I'm the person who scrolls through the entire names list until the timer is up several times before actually buying the doodle). Maybe that's me, but I'm still wondering!

Here are some of mine [Doodle (Toon)]:

Phoenix (Karma): "The phoenix must burn to emerge". Don't think I've come across a more empowering quote. Too bad my doodle looks more like a jaguar than a phoenix

Majestic (Mantra): There's no deep meaning to this one. I love tigers, and this doodle is bright orange so I figured Majestic was a better name than Tiger cause it embodied power, class and beauty

Dandelion (Silver Lining): I'm definitely going to exchange my doodle on this toon because the color looks a bit like puke, but I chose Dandelion cause there's a certain whimsical, wishful, hopeful sentiment associated with them. Matches pretty well with Silver Lining imo

Amnesia (Fairytale Ending): I so very much wanted to name my doodle Nostalgia, but Amnesia was the alternative since I couldn't find Nostalgia on the name generator. Reminds me of a treasured memory forgotten by some unfortunate event like in the movies, but eventually recovered at the end (like a Fairytale Ending haha get it). It sounds and looks so pretty with my light cream/ white ish doodle too