Gigglepoof here!

My main toon has the same name, as did my original TTO toon, circa 2005(I think?). I've been playing this game a long time! Lol!

I have experience with other forums, but never a Toontown one—this should be fun!!

Some things I'm interested in on the forum:
1. Artwork, fanfiction, spin-offs of any kind. Pretty please inspire me.
2. Are any of you hired as a music composer for TTR? I'm a musician with a bachelor of music education degree, and I'm curious about what the job is like. And if anyone needs music, composing, or arranging tips on the forum, I'd be happy to help!
3. Maybe, just maybe, some of you like to race in Goofy Speedway? Or maybe you like to decorate and show off your house? Perhaps I'm old-school!

Well, here's to my first 10 posts...