After trying really hard to catch the last 5 fish I need, as well as "accidentally" being part of multiple jellybean gatherings, I realized I had enough money to buy a good doodle. So I finally got one! His name is Zoltan, named after Zoltán Kodály, an important person in Hungarian history.

I'm not the best at making toon friends, so I solo a lot of buildings when my tasks require them. I have organic lure for a reason! It would be cool if I could train Zoltan well enough so he could provide me with an emergency toon-up. His doodle stats aren't perfect, and even if he never saves me in battle, he still does a good job tooning me up at home.

I plan on training him every day. "Jump" comes easily, but "speak" is hard and exhausting so far. I also plan on calling him to at least one battle each day to see how reliable he is becoming. I like to train trap by myself on the street, so there are plenty of opportunities there. Hopefully it will keep him in high spirits! If anyone has any more tips, please share!