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    Nicely Done - Thread: NTC Member Skype Room

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      Jul 2014
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      Nicely Done - NTC Member Skype Room

      Hello fellow members of NTC,

      We would like to offer you a Skype room for you guys!

      The purpose of this room is if you have any questions that need to be answered during an event, you can do it through the Skype room if its easier than on game.

      To keep this room from getting chaotic, there needs to be rules. We expect every member to follow these rules.

      • All Toontown Alley rules apply to the Skype room.
      • Do not spam the room with unnecessary topics. With that said its okay if you want to ask for help or general questions on days NTC doesn't have events or want to make comments or compliments to someone, but we ask that you please do not venture off topic. If you want to have a discussion that has nothing to do with the room, then it needs to be taken to a personal chat room with whoever you are talking to.
      • We expect everyone to be on their best behavior within the room. Do not be mean to one another, this is "Nice" Toons Community after all.
      • If you have any issues with a member, or someone in the room, please PM a Clan Leader on TTA. Do not discuss or argue with members in the room. It's the Clan Leaders job to handle issues, not yours.
      • You may not add people into the room. If you want someone to join, please tell them to PM me on the forum, and I will add them. This keeps us more aware of who is in the room. If we see that you have added someone without us knowing about it, they will be removed from the room.
      • Last but not least, have fun and be kind!

      Failure to abide by these rules can result in one of the following consequences;

      • If you break a rule above, you will be given a reminder by a Clan Leader in private.
      • If the rule continues to be broken, or another rule has been broken after a reminder, you will be removed from the room for 24 hours.
      • After that, if you break yet more rules, you will be removed from the room permanently.

      Anyone that is a NTC member is allowed to join. Please PM Saphera or
      If you have any questions, feel free to PM any of the above Clan Leaders.

      Thank you all, we hope this is helpful to you and looking forward to chatting with you all!

      Disclaimer: NTC Clan Leaders can and will change/adjust rules at anytime.
      Last edited by Bellissima; 06-06-2017 at 01:50 AM.

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