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    Toontorial - Thread: Site Rules

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      Nov 2014

      Toontorial - Site Rules

      Toontown Alley Forums Overview
      Welcome to Toontown Alley Forums! We are a Toontown Rewritten fan site. We aim for a moderated, relaxed forum environment where members can safely converse about gameplay, participate in clans, and be able to express their opinions comfortably. Although we try to be as relaxed as possible, rules and policies must be enforced to keep topics and members civil. The purpose of this thread is to clearly lay out our forum's policies.

      Forum Rating
      Toontown Alley Forums is rated PG-13. We are more lenient on certain topics that may be seen as unsuitable for those who are under the age of 13. Due to this, no child under the age of 13 is permitted to join Toontown Alley Forums. Providing false information about your age will result in an infraction against your account.

      General Rules
      All of these rules apply to the entire forum (unless otherwise stated) and the Toontown Alley official Discord server. "Open forum" includes the areas that are open to all guests. You can view a list of all open and closed forums here.

      Inappropriate Discussion
      We do not allow any of the following to be posted unless otherwise stated:

      Illegal Activities
      Strong Violence (i.e., pictures of blood, going into detail about violent acts, etc)
      Sexual Content/Nudity - Please note that this also applies to in-game images, regardless of intent. Showing some skin is fine as long as private areas are fully covered.
      Age-restricted activities (i.e., drinking, gambling, smoking, etc)
      Language meaning any of the above
      References to any of the above
      Pornography - This results in an instant and indefinite permanent ban.

      Inappropriate Language
      Although we are a PG-13 rated forum, the use of inappropriate language and certain words used in place of within our forum or the Toontown Alley official Discord server will not be tolerated under any circumstances unless otherwise stated.

      If you use a word that is turned into asterisks by our filter, it is never allowed. A good way to check if a word is allowed is to use the Preview Post feature before submitting your post to ensure that the words you used are not converted into asterisks.

      Usage of profanity will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

      Note that the word "crap" is allowed and "Hell" is allowed only when used in references to the location.

      Personal Information
      As with all online communities, there is a risk of criminals using specific information as a tool in harming you. Toontown Alley Forums puts a great amount of effort in ensuring your safety. Because we are a PG-13 forum, we do allow some personal information to be posted.

      We do not accept the following to be posted anywhere on TTA:
      Any information that could be used to track your location. We will allow up to state/province level to be posted, but anything more specific (such as districts, cities, addresses, landmarks, etc) will be edited.
      Last names
      Pictures detailing any of the above

      We allow the following to be posted as long as it is not on open forum:
      Instant messaging screen names
      Personal pictures of yourself, family members, friends, etc

      Please report any instances of solicitations for account information/phishing to an Administrator. These are punishable by a permanent ban.

      Non-English Languages
      We allow thread titles, greetings, proper nouns, idioms, and other common phrases that are non-English to be posted on the forum. If you are unsure whether what you would like to post would be allowed, PM a Staff Member. Entire conversations in non-English are not allowed unless a proper translation is provided.

      Please note that whatever is said in any language must adhere to all other site rules. Non-English music will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by a Staff member; approval is not guaranteed.

      Off-Topic Discussion
      When a thread is created for a specific topic, we expect posts in said thread to be in response to the original post or another post within the thread. We don't mind if a thread is steered in a different direction, but otherwise, it is against site rules.

      Outside Links
      Outside links are permitted as long as the link does not directly lead to a website or page detailing sexual content, regardless of format.

      Please click on links at your own discretion as we are not liable for what other websites may contain.

      Unsolicited posts or private messages are not allowed.

      You may not advertise a Clan anywhere other than your signature and within your own Clan's thread. If you are a Clan Leader and you want to greet a new user/advertise to your own members, that is acceptable, but only one message per Clan. If a member says they want to do something a Clan does (i.e., "I wish there were a Clan that does twisted events"), it is fine to link to the Clan.

      Advertising some sort of product for personal gain or an outside link may result in a suspension.

      Keep in mind that any additional accounts created for the sole purpose of advertising will earn a permanent ban.

      Posts with excessive smiley/image/text usage tend to cause some users lag and technical errors. This rule is in place as a courtesy to those users.
      Posting the same message in multiple threads, profiles, or forums is not permitted. The only exceptions to this rule are birthday, holiday, and welcome messages.
      In some cases, sending the same PM to more than one person can also be deemed as spamming.

      Signature Limits
      Signatures are limited to the following:

      All images combined cannot exceed 600 (width) x 200 (height) pixels.
      Image file size totals cannot exceed 2mb.
      No more than 10 lines of text.
      No more than 4 images.
      Font size for text must be no more than the forum's size "3."
      Images that flash quickly are prohibited.

      On or off-site smilies* are allowed in signatures and are not considered part of the overall image size so long as they are not overused and you avoid using smilies over 50 pixels in height & width.
      *For off-site images, an image is considered a smiley if it portrays an action or emotion. (e.g., a 40 x 40 image of a dancing llama would be considered a smiley, but a 40 x 40 picture of a potato would not.). If you're unsure whether or not an image falls under our description of a smiley, feel free to PM a Staff member for confirmation.

      We hold the right to remove an individual's ability to edit their signature.

      Naming Names
      Talking negatively about others is fine as long as they remain anonymous.

      Trolling is posting for the purpose of provoking a negative reaction from another.

      Responding to any trollish posts may only further hostilities and adding to it will result in disciplinary action taken against your account.

      Correcting another member's spelling, grammar, or punctuation anywhere other than reputation will be considered a form of trolling. Not everyone on TTA is fluent in English, so please remember to be considerate.

      Situations with trolling will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

      Flaming is the hostile interaction between users. Posts targeting, threatening, exerting, or meant to harass, offend, anger, or insult a user will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

      Threatening physical harm against a user will incur a permanent ban.

      Keep in mind that discipline for this rule is subject to the severity of the post in question.

      Negatively referencing to someone's race, religion, culture, background, language skills, sexual orientation, physical traits, or other personally identifying traits is strictly prohibited.

      You are able to discuss your religion as long as you do not seek to preach to anyone on Toontown Alley Forums.

      Cyber-Bullying & Cyber-Stalking
      Neither cyber-bullying nor cyber-stalking will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Toontown Alley Forums is not to be used as a medium for gathering information to aid in cyber-bullying or cyber-stalking elsewhere.

      Hacker Discussion
      Encouraging hacking is prohibited. You are not to discuss specifics about a hack's name, method, or results.

      Any posts, guides, images and/or other items that are deemed to be a copy of someone else's work used without permission will be removed as recognized or at the request of the creator.

      If you are without permission from the user, copying anything from another user is also prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the other user's current avatars, current signatures, posts, current profile pictures, etc.

      Impersonating Another User
      Creating an account that is very similar to another user is not allowed. Impersonating a staff member will result in a suspension, as will claiming to be a staff member.

      Reputation Abuse

      Any posts encouraging or discouraging the use of the reputation system for personal gain or otherwise will be removed and is considered an abuse of the reputation system.

      In-Game Behavior
      Toontown Alley Forums cannot be held responsible for any behavior occurring in the game. In the event you continuously and knowingly disrupt Clan runs, the Clan Leader(s) may hand your case over to the Staff. In which case, discipline regarding your actions against said Clan can be enforced in whichever form deemed necessary by the Staff of Toontown Alley Forums.

      Back-Seat Moderating
      It is a Moderator's job to moderate the forum and the Toontown Alley Official Discord server, not your own. If you see a post that violates a site rule, please report it. Telling another user that they are breaking a rule is not permitted.

      Discussing Staff Actions
      Discussing staff actions is prohibited everywhere on the forum and in the Toontown Alley Official Discord server. If you have an issue with a Staff Member or the action they took, please contact an Administrator.

      Misc. Notes
      Additional policies and information.

      Deleting Accounts - We do not delete accounts.
      Double Posts and Thread Bumping - We do not allow double-posting unless 24 hours has passed since the first post was posted.
      Deleting Posts - Staff do not delete any posts, threads, visitor messages, or any other messages upon request. If you have left a message that you no longer want on the forums, please use the edit feature to change it.
      Name Changes - You may private message an administrator if you wish to have your username changed. Your username can be changed only once every 6 months.
      Posting in the Correct Forum - Please post in the appropriate forum. In the event you find your post "missing," please attempt to locate it in what might be a more appropriate forum by using the Search feature. If you can't find it, please feel free to private message a Staff Member.
      Privacy Policy - Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.
      Profile Music - We allow submission of songs for use on your profile. You are able to submit a song here. Alternatively, you can choose a song to put on your profile here.
      Shared Accounts - If Staff has reason to believe you are accessing multiple accounts, you will be contacted via private message about the matter. Users are unable to have more than one account for themselves. Duplicates will be merged into the original account. If false information is provided, action may be taken against your account. You may not use another person's account, no matter the circumstances.
      Posting for a Banned Member - You are not allowed to perform actions on behalf of a banned member.
      Using the Report Button - If you find a post that appears to violate Site Rules, we encourage the use of this report button:
      Friend Codes - Friend codes may be posted so long as you refrain from posting them in open forum.
      Solicitation - Users are not allowed to ask for or offer real world currency in exchange for goods or services.
      Rule Changes/Adjustments - We reserve the right to adjust the rules as we deem necessary.
      Content Removal Disclaimer - The Toontown Alley Staff reserves the right to remove or edit any content as we deem necessary.

      The Toontown Alley Staff holds the right to revoke any person's access to Toontown Alley at any time for any given reason.

      Newly revised or added rules are marked in red.
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