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    Results 1 to 10 of 309

    Dashing SOS Shoppers - Thread: The Revengers: Age of The SOS Cards!

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      Dec 2014

      Dashing SOS Shoppers - The Revengers: Age of The SOS Cards!

      Bessie Hulk woke up from being knocked out, she was surrounded by a bunch of toons.

      "What happened??" she asked with confusion.
      "You were knocked out by the VP for a while after we rescued you." said Fearless.

      Bessie Hulk gave her a weird look and then went off to find the rest of her buddies who were rescued with her.
      She soon came across Professor Thor and Clara Widow, they were knocked out still and pretty scratched up.

      "WAKE UP!!!!" Bessie Hulk screamed.
      "Woah... what happened...?" Professor Thor and Clara Widow said in unison.
      "That VP got us again, these nice toons came to our rescuse!" Bessie Hulk responsed.
      "Yeah, the VP did not look happy when we dragged you all out of there but he surprisingly let us go." said Leah.
      "We really need to do something about this, this has gone way too far." said Professor Thor.

      "I HAVE AN IDEA!" screamed Little Tom Jabbermonkey with a lightbulb over his head.
      Bessie Hulk asked "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
      "We need to seek revenge on the VP!" said Little Tom Jabbermonkey.
      "EXACTLY! But.. he will know it's us. We need a disguise." said Bessie Hulk.
      "We can go fight the VP in disguise of all of you!" said Leah.
      "That's a great idea! Let's go!" they all said.

      Leah, Little Tom Jabbermonkey, Jinx, and Thomas then set off to fight the VP.
      They dressed up as the Revengers so they could fight in disguise.

      Friday, November 24th
      Sellbot HQ ~ TBA!
      5:00pm PST | 7:00pm CST | 8:00pm EST | 1:00am GMT

      Teams of 6-8 will be sent to fight the VP.
      Here's the twist, everyone will be disguised as an SOS Card!
      We will assign you an SOS Card to be disguised as.
      This is a timed event!
      Timing will begin as soon as the first set of suits disappear and stop when the first Toon dances.
      Captains are responsible for calling out the cards and sending your team's time through a PM or Skype Message
      to any DSOSS Clan Leader.

      You are limited to using the following:
      Level 7 gags in the tracks you're assigned
      The SOS Card you are disguised as
      (For example, if you are assigned Barnacle Bessie, you would only be allowed to use Barnacle Bessie)
      Toon-up Unites

      To start the event, we will shop for these 16 SOS Cards!
      (What's a DSOSS Event without SOS Shopping!?)
      Once your team gets one of these SOS Cards,
      you must stay and captains will begin their timers at the specified time.
      Normal SOS Shopping with TLNL will start at it's regular time of 10:30pm EST!

      Professor Pete, Melody Wavers, Flippy, Clerk Clara,
      Lil Oldman, Moe Zart, Franz Neckvein, Barnacle Bessie,
      Sid Sonata, Daffy Don, Nancy Gas, Julius Wheezer,
      Clumsy Ned, Barbara Seville, Flim Flam, & Stinky Ned

      Professor Pete
      If you are assigned the role of Professor Pete,
      you may bring all gag tracks.
      Professor Pete is allowed to use any SOS Card, as long as it isn't a restock SOS Card.

      Melody Wavers
      If you are assigned the role of Melody Wavers,
      you are allowed to bring Sound only.
      Melody Wavers is allowed to use the Sid Sonata SOS Card.

      If you are assigned the role of Flippy,
      you are allowed to bring Toon-Up only.
      Flippy is only allowed to use the Flippy SOS Card.

      Clerk Clara
      If you are assigned the role of Clerk Clara,
      you are allowed to bring Trap only.
      Clerk Clara is only allowed to use the Clerk Clara SOS Card.

      Lil Oldman
      If you are assigned the role of Lil Oldman,
      you are allowed to bring Lure only.
      Lil Oldman is only allowed to use the Lil Oldman SOS Card.

      Moe Zart
      If you are assigned the role of Moe Zart,
      you are allowed to bring Sound only.
      Moe Zart is only allowed to use the Moe Zart SOS Card.

      Franz Neckvein
      If you are assigned the role of Franz Neckvein,
      you are allowed to bring Drop only.
      Franz Neckvein is only allowed to use the Franz Neckvein SOS Card.

      Barnacle Bessie
      If you are assigned the role of Barnacle Bessie,
      you are allowed to bring Drop only.
      Barnacle Bessie is only allowed to use the Barnacle Bessie SOS Card.

      You may sign up alone or up to a group of 4!
      Be sure to post which Toon you will most likely be bringing, & the gag tracks you do not have.
      Please include if you would/wouldn't like to be captain.
      * denotes possible captain

      Back-ups please come as Professor Pete!

      The Team who defeats the VP the quickest
      will receive the The Revengers: Age of The SOS Cards Winner Award! and 30 points!

      All other participants
      will receive the Participation Award and 20 points!

      Captains will receive an additional 10 points.
      Post a Screenshot for an additional 10 points. (1 max)
      Post your Run Report for an additional 10 points.
      Post your favorite SOS Card for an additional 10 points. (1 time only!)
      If you dress like the SOS Card you are roleplaying in VP, you will receive an additional 10 points (Screenshot required).

      Thank you Wish'n Onna Star for the amazing graphics
      and Prof. Nutty Googleburger for the awesome divider!

      Last edited by Little Tom Jabbermonkey; 11-02-2017 at 11:11 AM.

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      Sep 2014
      Can't wait! Please sign me up! I'll be trapless!

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      Aug 2014
      Blog Entries
      Sign me up! I'm trapless
      Last edited by Pitiful Purrfection; 05-26-2015 at 04:27 AM. Reason: I'm..not..dropless.......

    4. #4
      Join Date
      Jul 2014
      Sign me up, please! I'll be on Cheyenne, who is dropless. I can be captain if needed, and my favorite SOS card will always be Flippy.
      I love The Avengers so this event is so awesome.
      Last edited by Silhouette; 05-26-2015 at 07:48 AM. Reason: good job on posting when you were sleepy and left out 900 things chey

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      Sep 2014
      Blog Entries
      Quote Originally Posted by Pitiful Purrfection View Post
      Sign me up! I'm trapless
      Sign me up with her! I'll be on Lemon who is trapless. This looks so fun!! My favorite SOS card is definitely Clara because I don't have nearly enough of her so she is super exclusive to me :'(

      This thread is so gorgeous, by the way. The colors are so coordinate and beautiful!

    6. #6
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      Apr 2015
      Sign me up, I'll be on Lemongrab who is trapless

    7. #7
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      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries
      Sign me up! I'll be on Bittersweet Tragedy who is trapless

    8. #8
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      Mar 2015
      I'll sign up on Socially Awkward who is trapless. And my favorite sos is Flippy he a life saver.

    9. #9
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      Jul 2014
      Blog Entries
      Sign me up please.

      SheriffReggie, Dropless

      My favorite SOS will always be Bessie.

    10. #10
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      Dec 2014
      Sign me up! I'll be on Obscura who is Toonupless.
      My favorite SOS is that rare Flippy.

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