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    Professor Pete's Schoolhouse - Thread: How to Run (with) a Soundless Guide

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      Jul 2014
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      Professor Pete's Schoolhouse - How to Run (with) a Soundless Guide

      I am so excited to be posting again with TTR's beta going so well. In TTO I ran a soundless toon named Ivanna B Different (maybe you ran into her?), she finished at 134 with all her suits maxed (she's back in TTR too now!). I had so much fun running her and at one point put this guide together for other soundless toons, so here it is again. If you find anything I need to fix or adjust just post or PM me!

      Update 7/4/2015: More consistent with TTR knockback, as well as other minor game play updates.
      Update 3/25/2018: New image hosting, thread is no longer a hot mess.

      Your Guide to Being Soundless

      This guide is for anyone out there fearful of running with a soundless, wants to run with a soundless but doesn't know what to do, and those of you new to running a soundless toon yourself.

      This Guide is color coded!
      I recommend using a white/cream skin as the text is easiest to read on those.

      Red- applies to both soundless and running with a soundless.
      Blue- Tips for running a soundless.
      Purple- Tips for running with a soundless.
      Black - Intro/ Random facts

      General Tips:

      1. If you don't know what gag to pick listen to the soundless!! Chances are he or she knows what he or she is talking about.
      2. In most cases running with a soundless will only add 5 to 10 minutes to an average run (if at all).

      1. Max your gags ASAP! Toons will be more apt to run with you if you've already maxed your other tracks.
      2. Tell people you are soundless right away. The latest you should tell them in the beginning of the first battle. It will annoy people if you don't tell them, and they won't know what to do.
      3. There is absolutely no need to apologize for being soundless.
      4. Many toons aren't sure of how to play with a soundless, feel free to make suggestions (don't be too pushy, nobody likes to be bossed around).
      5. Catch those fish, garden, race, and golf. The more extra laff you have the less toons think you don't know what you're doing.
      SUGGESTION: Go with a shopping clan/guild and stock up on Sound SOS Cards, as well as 2 Star Sound cards from Field Offices, these can be very helpful in longer battles like Back Nines, DAs, CFOs, and CEOs. (Personally, I did not start doing this until I was 15 levels away from maxing my last suit, bossbot. It was beneficial, but not entirely necessary, and also quite time consuming.)


      Q: Will I get a lot of toons harassing me in game?
      A: Sometimes. Playing a soundless is not for toons who do not handle being insulted well. With TTR I have noticed the community is a lot more accepting, so hopefully you won't have to deal with many haters!

      Q: How do I deal with soundless haters?
      A: The Best thing you can do is to ignore these toons and keep a cool head. They're just itching to get a response from you and start fighting- don't give them one!

      Q: Is it easy to get into places like mints and factories?
      A: This really depends on where you go and what time of day it is. In general I had problems getting into Mints and DAs more than Factories (because the cogs are smaller) and Cog Golf Courses (the toons there are usually more understanding).

      Q: What can I do when others sound?
      A: This will vary from place to place. (Different strategies are listed below.)

      Q:Which gag track is the most efficient?
      A: If you've decided to run a soundless you've probably realized by now there is no 'best' gag track. If you are looking for a gardening suggestion from my experience it's best of you plant trap or throw.

      Q: Which HQ will be the most challenging?
      A: More of a matter of opinion, for me it's boss just because it takes up so much time. However, you will get the blunt of haters hanging around cash.

      Q: Should I lure instead of sounding?
      A: No, us soundless toons would still like to get out fairly quickly too. Please, by all means sound as long as you can.

      Q: Well what will we do when everyone runs out of sound?
      A: Now would be a great time to start luring!

      Q: Why would someone choose to be soundless in the first place?
      A: Everyone has a different reason, many like a challenge, others just want to see what it's like, for some it's their first toon and they claim they didn't know what they were getting themselves into.

      If you've read though this guide and still have questions please feel free to post or drop me a PM, chances are other people will have the same question and I'll add the Q/A above.

      Basic Cog Hit Point Math:

      If you don't want to keep this chart by you or memorize it there's an easy trick to figuring out a cogs hit points.
      You can just use this equation:
      (Cog level +1) * (Cog level +2) = Cogs hit points
      Ex: A lvl 6 cog
      (6+1)*(6+2)= HP
      7*8 = 56
      Exception: Level 12 cogs have 200 hit points, because TTO can't do math.


      If you use more than 1 gag of the same track there is a 20% bonus.

      For instance, if there are two trunks (21 points each) and one fog (50 points)..

      21 + 21 + 50 = 92
      20% of 92 is 18.4 (found by my trusty calculator)
      92 ( the initial hit points) + 19 (the 20% bonus- TT always rounds UP) = 111 hit points (just enough to take out a level 9 cog)


      If cogs are lured the cog on the far right (and possibly others) will have an additional 50% bonus (this doesn't apply to the sound track).

      So, if you threw a birthday cake at a cog..

      100 initial hit points from a birthday cake
      50% of 100 is 50
      100 (initial) + 50(bonus) = 150 (enough to take out a level 10 cog)


      Now if you threw a cake and cream pie (40 points) at a cog..

      100 + 40 = 140 initial hit points
      20% of 140 = 28 points extra from the gag track bonus
      50% of 140 = 70 extra from the lure bonus
      140 (initial) + 28 (gag track bonus) + 70 (lure bonus) = 238 total hit points


      All cogs in facilities have a knock back bonus in TTR.
      You don't have to worry about if your organic cake will take out the 11 on the left or in the middle, it will.


      Working your sell suit is a great place to start after finishing Donald's Dreamland on a soundless. Chances are you haven't fully maxed your gags yet if you're running a soundless which is okay because the factory is mainly smaller cogs.

      The Factory

      1. Feel free to lure in here while others sound.
      2. Sometimes groups will change to working gags when they see you luring, don't worry if the group decides they would rather work gags then by all means work gags with them.

      1. Gag strategies vary greatly when going with a soundless inside a factory.
      2. It's just fine to sound the entire way through and let the soundless toon do their own thing.

      Sound Combos you can use in Factories:

      *+**+ **will take out up to a level 4.

      *+**+**will take out up to a level 6.

      + + will take out up to a level 7.
      + will be JUST enough to take out the factory foreman (level 9).
      If anything less is used you'll need to hit the foreman.

      The VP

      This is an easy boss battle however, getting a group in random districts isn't much fun, especially when you have a lower suit. I would definitely recommend going to a clan/guild/shopping run if you can wait.

      No matter where you run you'll want to keep an eye on cog levels. Toons will still be sounding in the VP even if you can't. It will be your job to pick off any of the extra cogs left after. There is also a greater chance you may be playing with another Soundless or less than four people. If this is the case you'll want to take a look at the double Soundless part of this guide below.

      It is also important that you keep in mind there may be ubers with you and this really isn't the place to be guessing on your gag math, Soundless or not.

      Sound combos used in the VP:

      Any combination of 3 of these or will take out up to a level 6.

      + + will take out up to a level 7.

      + will take out a level 8.

      + + will take out up to a level 9.

      + + will take out up to a level 10.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will that out a level 11.

      + + will take out a level 12.

      ORG +
      + will take out a level 12.

      + + will take out a level 12.


      Cash is one of the more difficult suits to work on a soundless, believe it or not. I would not recommend starting off by working this suit.


      Sound combos you can use in mints:

      + + will take out up to a level 10.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will that out a level 11.

      Lure the set of all 11s, sounding will just waste fogs.
      ALL the lured cogs in mints have a knock-back bonus. (Try lure and cake three in one round without worry!)

      You can take out the extra cogs (the 11s) by dropping a safe, using a pie, or even a hose.

      The CFO

      The CFO battle is pretty unique cog wise in Toontown, this is the only time you'll have all different level cogs (1 -12) for more than a few rounds (like in VP).

      1.Since this is the case, you'll want to aim for the biggest cog and let the other toons take out the smaller ones with sound.
      2. If there is no 'bigger' cog try luring for them.

      1. For everyone else, feel free to leave a level 10 or 11 hanging around and save a fog, the soundless toon will be going for this cog.
      2. If the cogs are all the same level take all of them out, don't feel like you need to leave one hanging around just so the soundless toon has something to do (they can always lure).

      Sound combos helpful in CFOs are listed above under The VP section.


      Law is an easy suit to work, considering you can get a group.

      District of Attorneys' Offices

      During the first battle keep your eyes on one of the 11s do not join the battle first or you may not be able to follow them. TTR players, you don't have to worry about this anymore with the new cog panels.

      Use your fogs wisely. If all works out you should be able to fog up to the fourth floor of any DA, going 2 fogs at a time for 3 floors, and 3 together on the 4th.

      Useful sound combos:

      + + will take out the level 10s in the first battle.

      + + and a safe (hose or pie also works) will take out the second set of cogs.
      Note: Only use this if there is a sound restock you can go back for on that level.

      + + will take out the entire first set of cogs.
      If this is the case you may want to lure so they don't miss.

      + + will only take out a level 10.

      The CJ

      The CJ is the easiest boss on TT when it comes to cogs. It's short, and only has level 8 through 12 cogs.

      Since this is a quick round, there will only be a few rounds you have to lure (if any at all).

      1. Plan on hitting one of the higher level cogs the sound won't take out.
      2. Most of the time you'll probably be luring so sound hits.

      If there are cogs at varying levels don't think you have to take all of them out. For instance, if there are 3 level 10 cogs and a level 11 use two fog and one trunk to take out the 10s, the soundless will deal with the 11.

      Sound combos include:
      + will take out a level 8.

      + + will take out up to a level 9.

      + + will take out up to a level 10.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will that out a level 11.

      + + will take out a level 12.

      ORG +
      + will take out a level 12.

      + + will take out a level 12.


      Boss is going to require a large amount of time, and a lot of attention. It's probably the most challenging suits to work on a soundless, not because of the toons attitudes but the amount of strategy involved.
      I'd recommend working this boss last. You'll need experience for this, and quick thinking.

      Cog Golf Courses

      1. When running in Cog Golf Courses you'll want to take around 50-70 gags in with you. (Personally, I took anywhere from 48 to 62 gags into Back Nines.) This is generally lower than what most toons would take in however, you'll need to keep your Pianos, TNTs, and it never hurts to have 3 cakes and a few pairs of goggles with you at all times.
      I usually go into CGC with this gag set up:
      • 1 Juggling Set (You'll get toon ups from finishing mazes and cog golf puzzles)
      • 2 TNT
      • 3 Hypno, 1 Bill, 2 Magnets
      • 3 Cake, 7 Cream
      • 3 Storm, 7 Hose
      • 3 Piano, 3 safe

      2. I wouldn't recommend going into a Back or Middle unless you are giving it your full attention. (Meaning don't go in if its 2am)
      3. Wait to join the battle until cogs have lined up so you can see where the Version2.0 cog(s) is(are) standing. (TTTR toons, once again you don't have to worry about this because the cog panels now show when in battle.)
      4. Toons will usually sound whenever they have enough fogs to get rid of a set (2 Fogs and 1 Trunk for the first set, 3 Fogs for the second set).
      5. Save your pianos for the first set of cogs, if you use it all the time you will run out just as quickly as a toon with sound runs out of fogs.
      6. When toons use 3 fogs on the second battle you can TNT one of the versions, the TNT will reappear after the cogs explode the first time.
      7. Be proactive, make sure to ask before battles if your group has enough fogs so you won't be making last second choices. (It helps to keep track of your teammates fog count.)

      1. Communicate with your team, this isn't a time to be anti-social! Make sure everyone knows how many fogs you have, and you know how many they have.
      2. Don't wait for the soundless toon to start battles, he or she will be watching the version2.0 cog(s).
      3. There will be battles you have to lure, yes sometimes even in Front Threes. Generally this will be at least at the end every other floor in a Back Nine. It might be helpful to adopt the DA tactics of sounding the first set and luring the second.
      4. Do not go in with a full gag bag! Frankly, I would recommend this for EVERY back you go into, however it is even more important when running with a soundless. Coming in with less gags gives you more space in your bag and a bigger chance of earning back fog.
      5. No, soundless toons are not going to skip the puzzles. They need gags too, like TNTs, Pianos, etc. Yes, it may sound like a good idea, but in the end you're just going to end up running out of gag room faster, and taking longer since the soundless toon will run out of their big gags.

      Sound combos you can use in Cog golf Courses:

      + + will take out up to a level 10.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will that out a level 11.

      The CEO

      The CEO is the longest boss runs you'll go on. There is also more strategy involved because of the added version2.0 cogs.

      1. This is definitely most involved boss battle for soundless toons, it can be challenging but very rewarding.
      2. In here you'll have the choice of knocking out a higher level cog (like in the CJ) and also knocking out a Version2.0 (like in Cog Golf Courses). Choose wisely.
      3. Toons will probably adopt the "One fog rule" The problem with this is 80% of the time it is not going to knock out the entire row of cogs. As long as they have fogs you'll be using toon-up or knocking out one of the larger cogs.
      4. After running out of sound normally the lure left, kill right method is used. However, this can get a little confusing, the goal of lure left kill right is to not have any of the cogs wake up, but if the versions are being relured it makes everything more complicated. Try taking out the version in the same round if at all possible to avoid confusion.
      5. Conservation of gags in key in here. What do I mean?
      A. Finishing off a level 11 cog with a piano when he only has 46 hit points left, common after toons use a fog and 2 trunks, is NOT efficient. Use your safe. (This one really annoys me guys, please.)
      B. Are toons missing 20 health or 60? You're going to run out of juggling awful fast if you're healing every other turn, and slowing the battle down. Use toonup sparingly, many toons in boss don't mind sitting at around 60 laff.
      6. Take out the cog that will hit you before you take out the version 2.

      1. Yes, you can still use the "one fog rule" in the first round.
      2. If the second round is Big Cheese cogs you can still do three fog at a time, a few cog attacks won't hurt. However if someone is opposed to this please be considerate and lure instead (it should be a group decision to go ahead with this).
      3. After you run out of fog from the 'one fog rule' in the first round, the soundless toon may be running low on higher level gags, don't expect them to be able to drop a piano on everything that comes flying in.

      It's very possible you will run low on gags in this, come prepared, and don't assume anyone is going to unite gags after this first round.

      Sound combos include:
      + will take out a level 8.

      + + will take out up to a level 9.

      + + will take out up to a level 10.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will take out a level 11.

      + + will that out a level 11.

      + + will take out a level 12.

      ORG +
      + will take out a level 12.

      + + will take out a level 12.


      Double Soundless runs, or runs without four toons can be a bit more complicated than regular runs. There aren't that many sound combinations that will effectively take out larger cogs.

      A few that may come in handy:

      + will take out a level 5.

      + will take out a level 5.

      + will take out a level 7.

      + will take out a level 8.

      + will take out a level 9.

      + will take out a level 10.

      + will take out a level 11.

      + will take out a level 12. (probably not going to be used)

      These runs DO take much longer than normal although they are usually pretty rare. (Normally, I tend to stand aside and let the other soundless go first with another group.)

      If you do end up going double soundless here are a few quicker ways to take out sets of cogs:

      -Have one person Trunk and use pianos on three of the cogs.

      -Have one person lure and three of you TNT different cogs.

      -SOS cards or using a level 7 gag is always an option too.

      I hope you enjoyed my guide! Any questions or comments please feel free to post.

      Last edited by Miss Zany Thunderhopper; 03-25-2018 at 01:00 AM. Reason: more combos

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      Jul 2014
      Whoa, This is a very in depth guide! This actually encouraged me to make a soundless toon. Thanks so much!

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      Jul 2014
      This is a pretty sweet guide! Thank you for putting your time and effort in to it. It kinda makes me want to make a soundless now.

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      Jul 2014
      Amazing guide. Thanks for posting.

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      Jun 2014
      thank you for sharing this!! it's so important not to leave soundless toons out just for that reason! being soundless can be a real challenge so this is super helpful!

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      Jun 2014
      Thank you for this guide! You put a lot of work into it!

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      Jul 2014
      Thanks for the guide! I've been considering making a soundless Toon this time around, so this is definitely helpful.

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      Jul 2014
      This is so detailed! Thank you for the effort and hard work it must have taken to put it together.

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      Jul 2014
      Thank you for the hard work with this guide! Very much appreciated!

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      Jun 2014
      I like the look of this very much.
      I might remake my soundless since I didn't really get to work on her much since I quit a few months after I maxed her gags / got the first RB promotion. I always used to run four toons to get mints done but hopefully people will be more tolerant on TTR.

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